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Thu, May 14 12:30am · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

Hi Chris! It feels good to see the information sharing occurring here because I think it's really helpful for all of us to learn about each other's experiences. I was having bad side-effects with Gabapentin, although wasn't on a very high dosage. It wasn't doing much for my pain, my memory was shot – but mostly I was having HORRIBLE dreams. For awhile I thought they might have been related to my brother's death (and maybe they were) but they did stop when I switched to Lyrica, which was such a relief! I am only on 100 mg taken at night – and I simply switched from Gabapentin to Lyrica. I started at 25 mg of Lyrica and increased to 75 mg – then finally to 100. Personally, I would like to continue increasing as my feet still hurt every day, but my doctor seems reluctant to prescribe more. I would be thrilled if I could get an opioid, but doctors here are loath to prescribe them and my doctor does not know me well enough to be confident I won't abuse it. I know opioids work, so that makes me both sad and frustrated. I don't like Tramadol – it makes me nauseous so I wouldn't even accept a prescription for it. T3's work well and I would love to have a supply for my bad pain days. I haven't tried anything other than Tylenol 1's – which I currently take a couple of times a day.

Tue, May 12 10:01pm · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

@ecc79 – I have been taking Turmeric for almost 3 months, and I have noticed absolutely no difference in my pain. When my bottle is gone I will not be investing in more – however – many people swear by it.

Sat, May 2 10:44pm · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

@jimhd I was honestly surprised by how quickly and how intensely the pain returned. It was so bad that I finally got up at 5:00 am and took my pills. By 6:00 am the pain was diminished. Not gone, but lessened to the point where a couple of T1's took things to a dull roar. I was nervous about taking my next dose that night, but I threw caution to the wind and took it at midnight (with no ill effects).

I wish my doctor would increase my dosage (100 mg/day), but he seems content to have me supplement with pain meds on a daily basis.

Sat, May 2 7:56pm · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

A few nights ago I was suffering from indigestion and decided not take my Lyrica before going to bed. I fell asleep quickly, but only slept for a few hours before being woken up by intense pain (burning) in my feet. It was a stark reminder of how bad my untreated pain is, and I can be pretty darned sure I will never again make a conscious choice not to take my medication….

Thu, Apr 9 8:52pm · Correlation between increased neuropathy pain and fluid retention? in Neuropathy

@darlingtondoll and @maryv449 – The Lyrica was working well, and it definitely eliminates the pain at night, but I won't take Tramadol. I can see that many people on this site like it, but my (multiple) attempts to take it were horrible. The last time I was given a prescription for it I returned almost a full bottle (likely more than 40) to the pharmacy for disposal. It makes me nauseous and doesn't touch my pain. If I could get a prescription for another painkiller I would ask for T3's, but suspect it will be a very long time before my new doctor will prescribe any for me.

Wed, Apr 8 5:28pm · Correlation between increased neuropathy pain and fluid retention? in Neuropathy

Thanks @jeffrapp – I do not have fluid retention in any one specific area – but based on how just generally allover bloated I felt yesterday and my need to get up and go to the bathroom last night – I assumed I was suffering from fluid retention…

Yes – I have switched from Gabapentin (which gave me horrific nightmares, impacted memory, etc) to Lyrica – 100 mg/day (the only side effect so far is weight gain). It had been working well – but yesterday the burning of my feet made me absolutely miserable from mid-morning until I fell asleep, and they are burning again today…

Wed, Apr 8 1:27pm · Correlation between increased neuropathy pain and fluid retention? in Neuropathy

My feet were on fire pretty much the entire day yesterday, and I could not figure out why. Then at some point I realized I was retaining fluid and found myself wondering if fluid retention in some way impacts neuropathy pain levels. Does anyone know if there is a correlation between fluid retention and neuropathy pain?

Sun, Apr 5 11:14pm · Neuropathy: Anyone have any experience with gabapentin? in Neuropathy

@fredjan2016 – I'm honestly surprised that a doctor would prescribe opioids and Clonazepam at the same time. . .