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6 hours ago · Statins and peripheral neuropathy in Neuropathy

I saw my doctor today. He provided info I was not quite prepared for! He believes I have a genetic cholesterol issue. After discussing my family issues related to heart attacks and strokes, and my cholesterol numbers and patterns over time – I agreed to try Crestor.

In terms of 'Do statins cause PN?' I'm not sure about that as I had SFN before starting the statins – but I will definitely be watching to see if my SFN gets worse.

7 hours ago · Smelling Cigarette Smoke in Brain & Nervous System

Update: The smell of smoke has stayed with me all this time (about 3 weeks), although began to reduce yesterday and has remained reduced today.

I saw my doctor today and described the smell, frequency of the smell, the headaches that felt like sinus headaches – and confirmed that I have NOT been congested. He conducted some in-office tests (e.g. follow my finger, tapped on various areas on my forehead and face), and concluded that the problem was almost certainly in my sinuses. He said the symptoms I described are not unusual as precursors to sinus infections, and suspects my immune system may have prevented an actual infection, but if I become congested to come back and he will give me antibiotics.

Yesterday I only smelled smoke for about 4(ish) hours rather than 14(ish), and the headaches have mostly subsided. I am hoping all symptoms will be completely gone within the week.

Oh! And while I had reduced the Gabapentin down to 300 mg – it did not seem to impact the smell, so I am back up at 400 mg/day.

Whew! This has been a trip I don't want to repeat!

13 hours ago · Brain injury and Cognitive testing in Brain & Nervous System

FMQ is Free Motion Quilting. It is art done with a sewing machine – as in the photos above. YouTube is full of videos to show how it's done.

1 day ago · Anyone else with PN and night sweats out there? in Neuropathy

My husband, who is Type 2 Diabetic, used to suffer from night sweats before his blood sugars were better controlled.

1 day ago · Brain injury and Cognitive testing in Brain & Nervous System

I had some neurological testing many years ago when involved in the Developmental Topographical Disorientation research, but I think the person you really want to know about is @becsbuddy as she started this thread 🙂

3 days ago · still working with small fiber neuropathy in Neuropathy

@swartzki – I am really sorry about the loss of your hair. I can relate just a bit because my hair used to be my 'crowning glory' too. I didn't lose it like you did, but about 10 years ago I had to cut and stop colouring it because it became extremely dry and brittle. Thankfully my natural hair colour (plenty of grey now!) is quite beautiful, it is much healthier, and although it took a long time – I've grown fond of my short hair.

3 days ago · still working with small fiber neuropathy in Neuropathy

Tramadol made me feel so nauseous that after trying it a few times I took more than 45 pills back to the Pharmacy for disposal. Thank goodness I had a good drug insurance plan! It's worth noting it didn't touch my pain either – so Tramadol is on my 'do not bother' list.

Drugs are weird that way. They work well for some but not others.

5 days ago · Brain injury and Cognitive testing in Brain & Nervous System

Wow! Your FMQ skills are unbelievable! I never would have guessed you did that on a domestic machine! I have just started to learn FMQ which I too do on my domestic machine (Janome S7). I'm slowly getting the hang of it but am nowhere near your skill level. I do understand, however, that practice makes perfect. I will look into those FB groups. Thank you!