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Sep 30, 2019 · I cant remember my panic attacks in Mental Health

No, I have tried therapy but quit the first time when she started to set me up at a residential program in the cities for an eating disorder treatment. I went to a second therapist at a hospital the next time but quit again when she threatened to have me make a phone call to order a pizza and take me to the cafeteria. Talking does not help me, especially talking to a stranger. I finally switched to Mayo and found this and thought I could find some answers or someone who is going through something similar.

Sep 29, 2019 · I cant remember my panic attacks in Mental Health

If I have a panic attack, it will last seconds to minutes. I really should begin with the fact that I don't even know if it is a panic attack. My symptoms range from sudden overwhelming fear (and some other feelings I can't seem to pinpoint), hyperventilating and uncontrolled crying to silent crying, a sense of doom, loss and uselessness, and shaking. However, after the attack is over, I can't seem to remember anything more than who I was with, where I was, that I had an attack, and I can recall the moment of the overwhelming fear and the feeling like I've just been slammed into a wall. It's almost like my brain freezes or blacks out and I can't remember any other feelings (thoughts especially) that I had. Is this normal? The "attacks" happen a few times a day, almost every single day. Sometimes they are triggered by something mildly uncomfortable, other times it is just out of the blue. For some background, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, ARFID (another eating disorder), a food phobia, major depression disorder, sever social anxiety disorder, and major anxiety (separate from the social anxiety). Has anyone else had this problem?