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Sep 29, 2019 · Limited ROM 5 years after TKR in Joint Replacements

Hi Debbra, thank you for responding, I had both done 4 months apart, ROM is at about 95-100 degrees, moderate swelling is everyday after standing more than 30 minutes. Went back to my OS surgeon last week, and he says there is no scar tissue, and knee looks great structurally and says that my hip may be causing the swelling, so he X-rayed the hip and it is in need of replacement and I have had some discomfort in the hip area. He also said that a manipulation surgery is out because of the time frame since my surgery. With that Your right about exercising because that is what he told me to continue with, so I am going to start exercising and working hard to get my leg stronger and increase ROM in my knee and start to prepare for a hip replacement.

Sep 27, 2019 · Limited ROM 5 years after TKR in Joint Replacements

Can someone please help me! Had TKR 5 years ago, both knees! Went to PT on the first one bit it hard and it’s great, no pain excellent ROM, not so on second, went to different PT and not as aggressive on Theropy, now have limited ROM on second knee, and swelling and stiffness, is it possible to regain ROM after that long without surgery