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Sun, Feb 2 9:09am · Questions about Azilect as a mono therapy for Parkinson's in Parkinson's Disease

I have been on Azilect for about 7 years and along with exercise has kept Parkinson’s from getting worse. I’m a believer

Sun, Feb 2 9:09am · Questions about Azilect as a mono therapy for Parkinson's in Parkinson's Disease

Walking is always good. I do several yoga positions, stretches, and I have a Bowflex resistance trainer where I do a range of not overwhelming exercises. I also do some light weights and a medicine ball for a few exercises as well. I occasionally change them up. Additionally I have a speed bag and a 40 pound punching bag. All of the above in about 25 minutes about 4 – 5 days a week. After that for cardio I either ride my bicycle for about 4 miles or I do my elliptical for at least 15 – 25 minutes depending on how I feel. I always start off slow and work up but I never kill myself. I am a big believer in the elliptical and have been using that for years. If I don't feel well, maybe a headache or something else bothering me after about 15 minutes on the elliptical I feel like a new man.
It is a lot easier on the body than a treadmill. Good luck with whatever you can do and don't hurt yourself by tying to do to much especially at first.

Thu, Jan 30 6:13pm · Pain, inflammation, and swelling following Lupron Depot shot in Prostate Cancer

I had my first 6 month Lupron shot in Oct and started Zytiga on Dec. 2nd. My PSA dropped to ( .1 ) No major problems, mainly just hot flashes at times that don't last very long and of course no sex drive at all. Lucky for me my wife and I have a great relationship and she would like to keep me around, lol. I'm having a bone density test in Feb sometime to track any possible bone loss. No other real problems, thankfully. The 5mg of Prednisone that goes with the Zytiga have helped my Parkinson's issues and made me feel much better overall. So far so good, keeping my fingers crossed.

Dec 18, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

That warms my heart and I'm glad! Merry Christmas!

Dec 18, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

A very important tool should also be friends and sometimes family. At times we forget that there are people in our lives who do care for us and they don't see your problem as a burden but an opportunity to help, regardless of what you think. It can be difficult to ask for help but if it is offered don't push them away. Good luck with your cancer and remember cancer doesn't define who you are.

Dec 16, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Living with cancer is definitely different than before. In October we discovered a melanoma on my back and that my prostate cancer was back and had metastasized to 4 other areas of the bone. I am 70 and had thought that I was in control of my life, as much as you can be, including a successful business career. We still own one business that we have had for 35 years and I am the president. I only say this because I never realized what the mental trauma could be when you realize this can kill you? I was definitely no longer the one in control of my body! I was lucky that when they removed the melanoma and also lymph nodes from my arm pit and the margins came back clean so at least for now we don't have that hanging over us. I have always been an optimist, so keep that in mind but I do realize all of us have a death sentence. We don't get out of this alive. That was an important concept for me to come to grips with. What is really important, if you can, remember that you are still alive and how you live the rest of your life is up to you. Live for the people who love you. I have a great wife of 45 years, a son and his family, my daughter and so many more who I love dearly. I plan on doing everything I can to make the rest of my life what I want it to be. Medicine is always advancing and new treatments may be out there. I could beat cancer or I could die from it down the road or in an accident this morning riding my bike for exercise. We just never know. So fight with the tools you have, make sure, if you can, that you do your best to live the best life you can based on what is important to you. I of course know every day that I have this cancer and it sucks but I am fighting it every day as well. If your doctor doesn't have more ideas don't be afraid to reach out to another clinic or doctor. The Mayo Clinic seems to be a really good option. As a final thought I had a customer years ago who was in his 80's and he had beat eight different forms or recurrences of cancer. He was a true role model of how to live your life.