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Sep 20, 2019 · Palliative Care: What is it? How do I get it? in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hi, I have a long list of incurable Diseases , CHF COPD, Pulmonary Hypertension a 75% Paralyzed Diaphragm ex ex and they put me on Palliative care and my question is under the CDC new Guidelines of Pain does it apply to PC ?? I am in sooo much pain that i can't do nothing for myself and i have no quality of Life 🙁 can someone please answer this for me and Thank You and i hope everyone has a Great Day.

Sep 20, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

Hi, I have COPD & Pulmonary Hypertension and a 75% Paralyzed Diaphragm and they put me in for a sleep study and said no sleep apnea but i do stop breathing at night?? they haven't told me much but my Medicaid ins doesn't pay for treatment and i have a long list of other Problems with fatty Liver and AKI and CHF .. is there anything i can do to get any treatment ?? Dr Google already has me with one foot in the Grave 🙁 what is Life Expend ency without treatment ? Please someone help me with Knowledge .