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Oct 21, 2019 · Conductive or Sensorneurial? in Hearing Loss

Hello everyone!! I know this a technical question, and I hoping someone can help me or lead me in the right direction., Can an audiologist determine if your hearing loss is conductive or sensorneurial based solely on an audiogram? Does a bone conductive test and word recognition test play a major or minor role in determining into this? Furthermore at what point does an audiologist know you have nerve issues?

Oct 17, 2019 · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

I want to Thank Him. I was upset by it at the time but eventually I started to question my hearing. This led to educating myself about the process of hearing as well the anatomy of the ears. Which then lead me to an on-line community that have what I have or similar. I had no idea the scope of it. Hopefully, my next step will be to meet people in person that are going through similar situations. It's been therapeutic.

Oct 10, 2019 · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

Thanks for the reply. The unsettling thing about this conversation I had with the neighbor is that the setting was quiet and we were sitting next to each other. I heard every word he said including verbs,pronouns and adjectives. The duration was about 20 minutes.Then out of nowhere he ask about the severity of my loss, and some point he ended the conversation and walked away. I could be wrong, something tells me this person is not interested in the process of hearing, but I'm sure there are those that are. I'll keep on smiling, no doubt.

Oct 9, 2019 · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

I normally don’t discuss my hearing loss along other people behavior towards it to unfamiliar people such as this forum since this is new to me. Its just a thought on my mind. Recently I moved into this building where I live and I was getting acquainted with my next door neighbor. In our very first fully involved conversation we had, he inquired about my hearing loss and said ” How much loss do you have,” and I replied “About 70% in both ears.” He then followed with “Well, that’s pretty much Deaf isn’t it?” Onward I told him No since I don’t need sign language to communicate. I ignored it even though it bothered me a little, but I continue to be affable. We talked a little more and he then ended the conversation. From time to time I see him and there’s a distance. I’m ok with it. As I read more of the posts on this site and other sites, and I begin to wonder if you educate yourself immensely about the physiology and anatomy of the ears, you can turn a remark into a educational thought provoking conversation. This may in turn peak interests for hearing people to learn more about hearing loss as well as deafness. Just a thought.

Sep 30, 2019 · Hearing Loss and Perseverance in Hearing Loss

I wanted to elaborate on this discussion. I was interested in any stories about hearing loss that may have affected you in a negative way and how you were able to rebound with perservance. Such as work related issues, stigma, labeling, etc.

Sep 30, 2019 · Rude or just can’t hear? in Hearing Loss

My concern is that my inner circle may think I'm antisocial, which is the opposite. I like people and enjoy talking to them. But there are certain situations that a group conversation of seven or more people(with or without background noise) can be a bit overwhelming. If I don't get involved in the discussion, they may think I'm ant-social or I disagree with a topic that is being discussed. I know its not fair to the individuals involved in this discussion of trying to figure out what they may be thinking of what I may be thinking, but what if the individuals involved in this discussion have a misrepresentation of me. For example, and I know its a touching subject, but lets say I joined in a conversation of seven or more people that I'm starting to get to know and the topic is Christianity. Maybe this discussion appears to be fully involved and I really want to be a part of it. What if I'm not engaging as much as the other individuals because of my hearing loss. Again, I know its not fair to the individuals involved in this discussion to think what I may be thinking(Its human nature on their part), but what if they create their own belief system about me. At this age,I still don't know when to disclose information about my hearing loss especially to new individuals. Its a work still in progress.So I'm not being rude, I just have to train my brain to stay focused of what is being discussed and make every effort to make a thought provoking contribution to this discussion. And to other discussions as well.

Sep 26, 2019 · Hearing Loss and Perseverance in Hearing Loss

Most recently, both of my hearing instruments went defunct. My backups were inoperable. So I was to unable to hear for weeks. I was deflated but I didn’t let it bring me down.Even though I didn’t enjoy it, I was still able to do my daily activities without hearing parts of speech.I found a way to stay positive and do positive things. What I learned was to be more assertive with my hearing professional and find someone new. Any stories of hearing loss and perservance?

Sep 25, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

If unaware, you should also consider following Katherine Bouton's blog(she responded to your post if you noticed). Be well.