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Sat, Aug 15 4:15pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

I am doing serum eye drops, that seems to help most for me…I am also doing five other things, but the best is the serum eye drops…

Sat, Aug 15 4:13pm · Treatments for Lichen sclerosis besides steroids in Autoimmune Diseases

Thanks Sue, your input was good to know. I am going to talk to my derm next week also. I am advocating for the biopsy to be sure…
I mentioned to the provider in email today that it burns using the steriod…Compounding as a cream is a good idea…

Sat, Aug 15 4:10pm · Autoimmune Research in Autoimmune Diseases

Hugs, Peach and thanks.

Sat, Aug 15 4:08pm · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

A psychiatrist can't help with this. This is strictly a MEDICAL condition. A cognitive therapist might help deal with the frustrations dealing with it, but would be probably the extent of the help. This is not "in your head" but a direct very poorly understood medical condition….Thanks

Sat, Aug 15 3:11pm · Best and worst masks Covid-19 in COVID-19

Isn't it safer to wear a N-95? I have an N-99, but Mayo Clinic won't let you wear it inside because they say it protects you but not other people from your air. So I don't think the cloth masks they hand out give much protection….Be nice is someone who knows chimed it.
This situation has been a mess, with the CDC first saying they weren't necessary..
Also, why doesn't insurance cover them? Since they are now "medically necessary?"

Sat, Aug 15 3:05pm · Breast MRI: Anyone doing this yearly for high risk, rare neoplasms? in Breast Cancer

Anyone doing this every year for high risk, rare neoplasms?
I have done it once, had a biopsy for something that was “nothing” so I hear this happens a lot. My next one is next week. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again and nothing is found. Not a fun procedure and I have mixed feelings since last time it was “nothing” and I am allergic to contrast dye.
Wish me luck..

Sat, Aug 15 3:01pm · Autoimmune Research in Autoimmune Diseases

So I just joined a major autoimmune biorepository at Mayo Clinic.
I joined because we need answers and I am tired of being told "we don't know" and taking drugs meant for something else that MIGHT work.
I am tired of being told but I don't fit into what little is know about what they know about my autoimmune disease and having it listed as "her general autoimmunity" because it is not understood.
I am aware that as women, we lag behind in being researched and treated.
I can't count the times what I have was grouped as the "flu" by a doctor who is just guessing at best and finding out a few years later that I have a very unusual immune system.
We need answers now, so I am trying to make that happen, for myself and every other person who is being told "we don't know" and given a drug meant for something else….