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Thu, Nov 7 5:05pm · Anxiety/depression meds that do not cause bone thinning or brain fog? in Depression & Anxiety

oh my goodness! sorry to hear that you are dealing w/ those issues. I have been dealing w/ anxiety since i was a child and its hard to deal with it. I have tried celexa and prozac and neither made me feel better to satisfaction. Now the celexa i felt better after a couple of weeks, however I suffer from migraines as well and i felt that the celexa may have been contributing to those so I weaned myself off. Meanwhile still dealing w/ the anxiety. I just recently tried the CBD spray unknown if it works yet because i just started today. I also have a treadmill at home and getting on about 30 mins a day at least 4 times a week seems to help with my mood, which lessens some of the anxiety. I hope you feel better eventually soon.

Thu, Nov 7 4:45pm · cbd+ thc in Chronic Pain

so right now i am trying the CBD hemp spray, so im going to see how that works.

Wed, Nov 6 5:25am · cbd+ thc in Chronic Pain

Good morning !i don't see those numbers and i have used twice a day and it has helped. have you ever used the oil orally or the capsules and did you find it helpful?

Mon, Nov 4 8:42am · cbd+ thc in Chronic Pain

and it is 200 mg

Mon, Nov 4 8:41am · cbd+ thc in Chronic Pain

good morning, it says 5% camphor and 5% cooling menthol and it seems to be working

Sun, Nov 3 4:21pm · cbd+ thc in Chronic Pain

I hope you get better, I suffer from chronic pain as well and just purchased a CBD roll on for the very first time and I am hoping it helps. I asked the same questions of it showing up in a drug test. I was told chances are slim, however it may or may not. 😃

Mon, Oct 7 5:27pm · Chest pain in Chronic Pain

Oh wow that must be tough. I hope you feel better. I am not a doctor or medical professional. I remember experiencing some of the symptoms that you mentioned and I was diagnosed with gall stones. Has your doctor given you any possibilities of other test to run

Tue, Oct 1 10:10pm · Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in Women's Health

I always notice I get very sad, crying spells and feeling down right before my menstrual? what are some of the remdies for this. I have been dealing with this consistently for the last few years. What is the difference between depression and depression linked to PMS?