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Wed, Sep 18 2:00pm · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

Thank you Becky. This is the idea to shrink the tumor, he will start chemotherapy in 10 days because they need other exams to complete his file. But it can be increased … I am just thinking loud.

Wed, Sep 18 1:48pm · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

@susan2018 many thanks for your reply . I google him and I will contact him to find how I can send him the exams.

Wed, Sep 18 9:57am · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

Hi Dear All

Does anyone had chemotherapy before whipple ? we found out today that my Dad has a tumor 2,7 cm in pancreas but They told us he is not suitable for a surgery right now because of one blood vessel that is so close to the tumor …and I am worried if that is normal. Do you know if you could take a second written opinion from a doctor in Mayo clinic since we live in Europe … I mean if there is any procedure that I could sent my dad's exams.

Thank you in advance