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1 day ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

I mentioned Tuffs before for several reasons. 1 my pcp is a Grad of Tuffs he got his MD degree there. They returned my call and asked 2 questions 1 which specialty care addresses Vitamin deficiency? ( I heard hematology and endocrinology so I asked which is the correct specialist and I asked why most of the information about vitamin D in particular is so conflicting and vague? ) I got the call back from Tuffs soon after placing my call and so far I have not received a call back. In a way I’m surprised in another way I’m not surprised at all.

I can go way off base by saying that I see these patterns in this century that lends itself to a pattern of avoidance very similar in a way to what I only used to see in politics when a simple, specific question is asked and a yes or no answer would suffice but one never gets a yes or no answer..

What really worries me is that it slips by without an eyebrow being raised. That means as I see it that they got away with something and it will continue getting worse that no one can put their finger on the defining moment that the world changed and nothing is important enough to have a screen like in the movie Network when the news anchor gives that incredible speech on the air telling his audience to yell out the window: “ I’m sick and tired of all of this and I’m not going to take it anymore “ but THAT WAS A MOVIE no one in real life will ever get to that place as natural disasters suddenly destroys everything because the deniers will argue that it’s all FAKE NEWS!
God help us all!

1 day ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

What is the icon next to the heart? It’s not toilet paper is it?
Just trying to be funny but I do not know for sure

1 day ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

Colleen, beside posting these links have you read, listened, watched any of them and if so are you open to sharing some of your thought’s
Something interesting and unexpected happened after watching the one that was in the center of my phone screen; it gave me several more Vit D studies. The one about prostate cancer blew me away for many reasons. I want to watch it again on a TV size screen and would like to watch it with a few other people who may have as much interest as I do. Thank You, TY, TY! You told me when I first joined connect that if I needed help to ask you. I feel as if there is a reason why you offered your help. TY AGAIN!


1 day ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

When does our mind, fear, worry, or maybe the belief that we’re on the mend in some for of “ reality “ start playing a part in our health? Placebo in my humble opinion is indeed “ real “ while the definition suggests that a placebo effect is a form of result that has less to do with an actual medication as a sugar pill has a measurable effect on a patient and if we can separate a patient from their illness then the placebo effect works on that illness.
I’ve witnessed some things that seems to make no sense. But if a person gets better because they BELIEVE in the cure then maybe there hasn’t been enough study on the power of believing that you’ve been given the real thing and it’s working on you in a positive manner.
On the other end of that spectrum is the belief that nothing will work. My father who was a POW during WW 2 told us a story about a young man who was so “ heart sick “ ( my Dads words ) that he willed himself to death with-in a month of being captured.
I’m not sure how this fits into this discussion about vitamin deficiency but I keep think about that body camera idea that I know most doctors and facilities would not be in favor of, however I’ve heard that all companies that announce “ this call maybe recorded for training purposes might be giving the best kind of permission to record since they opened up the can of worms by informing you that the call may be recorded. The trick may be not informing THEM that YOU'RE DOING THE RECORDING. What judge would like to see/hear what’s being done?
I’ve seen recording devices in pens and even button holes. Imagine anyone who is less than above board in what they say and do.
Yesterday I found myself with a view that had me very confused. Turns out I was on the floor looking at the room from a strange angle. It could be that I passed out from lack of medication. No bruises or bumps on my head. So I’m waiting on a call back from Tuffs

2 days ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

Coleen, TY for the link. Although I don’t know for sure I’m already thinking some of your links I found doing me research that Sunday that I checked things out

3 days ago · Magic mushrooms in Just Want to Talk

Did anyone see the 60 minute story about the treatments for a wide variety of illnesses with Magic mushrooms?
So John Hopkins offers these services or trials or whatever else they may be called.
1 what are your thoughts and feelings about this type of treatment?
2 do you think that the government is the best authority on what we can and can’t take?
3 what is the truth about “ the opioid epidemic or crisis “ ?

3 days ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

Since Mayo Clinic provided me with lots of information about the D deficiency I decided to call them Tuesday morning and not knowing absolutely which field of specialty would deal with D deficiency I did my best to explain why I was calling. It’s nice and easy to ask for urology, or oncology, or any other well known field of expertise but what is a vitamin doctor called? Seriously I found 2 suggestions: endocrinologist or hematology. Let’s listen to the tape of the person who answered the phone early on Tuesday morning. I wonder if Mayo would be proud of her phone presence phone manners, bedside manner, my frustration on a daily basis with rude inept, crude, less than compassionate people who got a good paying job should be fired on the spot and recorded for all potential phone jockies just to give them an idea of what will not be tolerated.
I can not put a number on my pain level today. Living alone does have its down side.
I am wondering if there is a name for this kind of crying that happens to me everyday. The warrior who served his country does not want to call in “ crying “ I’m not making the crying sounds that if someone could hear me they would say : “ that man is crying “ I don’t feel sad for myself it’s plain and simple PAIN I know how to buck up to pain. It’s not that it’s below me to holler out and cry in that traditional wailing. But this isn’t that. This is just pain that brings tears to my eyes. I’m not embarrassed by them I just don’t know if they have a special name.
Sorry, I’m rambling again

3 days ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

Furthermore: suppose I’m correct about some of my accusations? For instance: they ask if you’ve had any “ major “ weight gains or loses? Why ask? Why not look at the history? Besides, what is “ major “ if I normally weight 220 lbs is 20 lbs major? Suppose you weight 120 and the next time you visit the doctor you weigh 100 lbs. Does the nurse and or doctor need an app that alerts them to “ pay attention “?
Less common is your height. They never ask if there’s any major changes in height? That said, at my last visit the nurse took vitals and called out the numbers not for someone else writing things down but my guess was so I could hear the numbers. She calls out 5’10” I think WHAT???? I’ve been 6’1” since my freshman year in high school! 5’10”?!?!? WTF? But who noticed? Not the nurse, not the doctor, no one noticed or asked or checked the math. I’m saying this because I honestly believe that there are aspects of modern medicine that happen because WE THE PATIENTS ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!
My artist mind was running wild. : next time I’m coming in as a woman or black, one of my artist cohorts who would love to do performance art with me ( she taught me everything I know about performance art ) would be the perfect person to bring me in on a leash dressed as The Shaggy Dog “ I sincerely wonder if any of these idiots with a sheep skin on the wall would notice? Maybe I could convince them that I herded the sheep that produced their diploma… and oh BTW I lived in another life time and invented the printing press; yes, I’m in fact Gutenberg
Can you tell that I’m ANGRY!!! Yes, ANGER is a consequence of low D, so are Rickets, bone cracks bone softness, pain, digestive problems vision problems and you can read about it if you are interested. But Doc D
( no joke D is the first initial of his last name and I call him: “ Doc D “ ( should I write it in red pencil? HA! )