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Sat, Jun 27 8:00pm · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

I think my chest pains were caused from esophageal spasms.

Fri, Jun 26 9:05pm · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

I had chest pains for several years. I finally stopped my once a day cocktail and they subsided and are almost completely gone. Every once in awhile after eating too much or too fast or food particularly hard to digest I may have a spell. But I just use my heating pad until they go away. But I’m also dealing with stress. Meditation is very helpful.

Wed, Jun 17 7:33am · Constant Diarrhea in Digestive Health

My husband had the same problem. He was treated with several medications. Finally the doctor said to try taking Metamucil twice a day. I was very skeptical about such a simple cure. But after a few days of that his diarrhea subsided. After months of severe diarrhea he was cured with something as simple as Metamucil twice a day. May be worth a try for you.

Fri, Apr 24 12:28pm · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

Congratulations! I know you are so relieved!

Fri, Apr 10 9:25pm · Strange Chest Symptoms for a Month in Women's Health

I was your age when my digestive issues started. It was one thing then another throughout the years. I sure wish I had understood the role anxiety played. I would highly recommend you begin a meditation practice. If you are in a large city you can find meditation groups you can attend to help you learn about meditation. Getting a handle on anxiety early will be a great help to you. Secondly there are therapists who can help you understand how emotions affect your body and how to control that. This does not mean the chest pain is in your head. It’s very real and if it is from esophageal spasms, I think the hyoscyamine will help. But anxiety can cause the spasms or other digestive issues. Now all that being said there’s a possibility that it’s not digestive but possibly an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the rib to the breastbone. I also had that in the past. My treatment was ibuprofen. Heating pad also helped. And it can last for weeks. And for me the pain from esophageal spasms remains a dull pain for weeks. When pain gets worse I use the hyoscyamine.

Fri, Apr 10 7:40pm · Strange Chest Symptoms for a Month in Women's Health

I have a chest pain that comes and goes in the same place. My GI doc attributes it to esophageal spasms. He gave me hyoscyamine which does help.
Do you suffer from anxiety? If so I think it would help you if that too were addressed.

Sun, Mar 15 9:33pm · Sacral Nerve Stimulator in Digestive Health

I’ve heard of it for incontinence. Did the doctor say it was for slow digestion?

Sat, Mar 14 11:33am · Chest Pain + Fatigue in Digestive Health

So sorry to hear a young person like you is going through this. I would sure ask the dr to test for esophageal spasms.