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Tue, Oct 15 10:26am · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

I am just worried about it coming back, thank !!!

Tue, Oct 15 3:47am · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

Surgery went well, they said the dermatologist got it all when she first removed the mole. I had about a 6"×2" excision that they were able to stitch shut, so no grafts. They also removed 2 nodes from my armpit to check them for cancer, all the tests came back negative. I go back to the dermatologist in November for my next full body check. Thanks for all the comments and stories, it is greatly appreciated!!!

Tue, Sep 10 1:20am · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

Thank you for your reply, sorry to hear about your struggles too. I hope you are well. Did you go in the sun a lot with sandals or flip flops, or use tanning beds? My wife is 54 and thinks she's to old to get it.

Mon, Sep 9 6:31pm · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

That's why they are doing the surgery, to see how deep it is, then they will know what stage it is. Just from the mole they sliced off, they said it's at least 2.8mm thick. It will. be good to know about the nodes before. And I am having a full body check this Friday, they only did the waist up before. And I will be going to see the dermatologist every 3 months for the rest of my life.

Mon, Sep 9 5:46pm · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

They are doing a sentinel node injection test the day before surgery to see if it has spread to any lymph nodes close to the area the 2 moles were taken from. They said the surgery will be general surgery.

Mon, Sep 9 5:32pm · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

Thank you!!

Mon, Sep 9 5:27am · Malignant melanoma in Cancer

Hello all, I was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma. I had 3 moles removed, 2 from my upper right chest, and one from middle lower back. The 2 on my chest are cancer, one is melanoma, and the other has pre cancerous cells. I am having surgery on Sept 20th to remove more skin around the 2 moles on my chest, and the description on the Mayo portal says Excision split thickness skin graft lower extremity, excision full thickness skin graft lower extremity, and flap closure skin/soft tissue defect. I have been looking those descriptions up but reading different answers. I was just curious if anyone else has had these procedures done and what I can expect. I am very nervous about the whole thing.