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Oct 2, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

I was told that if I had been given a steroid inner ear perfusion immediately there would have been a great likelihood that my symptoms and hearing loss would have been relieved. Apparently there is a small window of treatment opportunity before the damage becomes permanent. They said this was caused by a virus that attacked the 8th cranial nerve. A steroid perfusion would have decreased the damage by immediately decreasing the inflammation. I was just past six weeks since the onset of symptoms and they felt it was worth a try to have it in hopes of recovery.

Oct 1, 2019 · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

I had a sudden loss of hearing a little over four years ago when I was 69. Prior to that, I had a second upper molar extraction that resulted in a sinus exposure. I was on Cipro for weeks after that to prevent infection . It finally healed without further surgery. The oral surgeon and ENT specialists do not think this sudden hearing loss is not relayed to this , but the more I read about Cipro the more I think there is a connection.
My hearing prior to this was great. Never had tinnitus or fullness in my ears. I simply woke up with deafening, roaring tinnitus in my left ear. Also was noise intolerant and by later that afternoon was so dizzy I could not walk and would vomit with the least change of position . Saw my PCP early the next morning who gave me an injection for nausea ( didn’t work) n got an appointment to see an ENT doctor within two days who told me I had Ménière’s Disease. Was started on a diuretic n oral dose of tapering prednisone. Took a week to see an audiologist who told me that the extent and frequency of hearing loss was not what you would expect to see with Ménière’s as I was legally deaf in that ear. At that point, I self referred to a specialist at Vanderbilt in Nashville, but had to wait six additional weeks. MRI was negative and they told me that I should have come there immediately as sudden loss of hearing is a medical emergency. Had an inner ear steroid perfusion and began vestibular therapy. Used a walker due to balance, vertigo, visual difficulties and overwhelming brain fog and fatigue. With therapy I learned to visually “spot” on objects when moving which helped to quiet down the visual chaos I had in stores and busy environments. Also wore ear plugs in noisy places. Was told I had vestibular migraines but always felt that my brain never accommodated with therapy. Eventually changed specialists as had no response with medications that were prescribed by a neurologist.
Have had two other sessions of vestibular therapy and three inner ear gentamicin perfusions. Can now walk with hiking sticks for balance. Still find shopping , riding in the car and reading difficult with visual effects lingering . Vertigo goes off the charts in noisy environments ( Tullio’s) . Have cross over hearing aids that I have infrequently worn as I continue to be noise intolerant. Otoneurotologist told me a year ago, he is now calling this Ménière’s Disease. Hearing continues to worsen and I now have tinnitus and inner ear fullness in both ears.
Socially ok in quiet places and always try to sit in a booth or corner to help with hearing. Ask restaurants to turn the music down if it is too loud and remarkably they usually comply. Stay away from places that are too acoustically alive. Have not been able drive since this started. Thankfully have a most loving husband, family n friends to keep me active and going. It would be so easy just to hibernate on a good day.
So glad to have discovered this site to share and learn what works for others.

Sep 9, 2019 · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Get a good pair of hiking sticks!! Be sure and get a pair of supplemental rubber tips to put on them so that you have better stability and traction. They have been life savers for me for the past two years. I haven’t fallen once. Use a fanny pack when going out to keep my hands free.