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Dec 6, 2019 · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

I hear you on the golden years are not what I thought they were going to be. I have chronic pain, degenerative scoliosis, and now pain in my knee. I asked my pain management doctor about CBC salve for my knee pain. She said ok as long as I let her know the ingredients in the salve. I, too, am on Xarelto lifelong after 2 pulmonary emboli. I didn’t even think to let my cardiologist know. The jury is still out on CBD oil. I’m going to research this and see.

Dec 4, 2019 · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

A couple years ago I decided on a scs, Boston scientific. Trial was with one type device, went well but trial was only for a few days. I had the Boston Scientific with paddle leads placed. No relief in the area I had back pain. After many adjustments and a year later, I had the thing removed. It may help some but I’ve heard of more people having it removed, unsatisfied with the lack of pain control expected. Just because it didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. Personally, I think it’s more about the company making money and the doctor more than willing to place them.

Sep 4, 2019 · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

My bad. It was Boston Scientific. The trial was one type device the implant was another, paddles. I had high hopes for it helping me but was very disappointed. I have scoliosis so that might have been a factor. I’m new here on the forum, so, “hello everyone”.

Sep 3, 2019 · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

Yes and had it removed a year later. Trial went fine but it was a different device. They placed Medtronic precision, I think it was. Nevertheless, after several adjustments, I had it removed.