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3 hours ago · DBT therapy in Depression & Anxiety

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT teaches you how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours influence each other. … Dialectical behavior therapy or DBT is based on CBT, with greater focus on emotional and social aspects. DBT was developed to help people cope with extreme or unstable emotions and harmful behaviors.( from the internet)

5 hours ago · DBT therapy in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you. It is good to know what works.

My sister profited greatly from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She over came her self-downing and self-pity …..And lost weight. She looks and feels better. She was on medication for a while but I do not know what it was.
I take yoga classes but I have always wanted to try Reiki.
Life is a struggle! You are taking charge. Good for you. I will try to do the same.

5 hours ago · DBT therapy in Depression & Anxiety

Tapering off Clonazapam: painful stomach cramping. Prescriber denies that pain is caused by withdrawal.

Went to ER because of pain. The doctors were great. They understood the pain and took pictures/ xrays? Not sure .. because of pain!
One young doc said he prefers a glass of wine rather than the Clon! He made us all laugh and relax.

The good news is that there is no need for surgery, I should continue with a very low dose of Clon and stay on it until I see the new doctor.

Thank God for this ER staff. I left there full of hope and will see the new recommended doc.
There is always a reason for gratitude!
I thanked them when they made the follow up call 😇

2 days ago · Benzodiazepines and tapering side effects in Addiction & Recovery

——and Dr. will not confirm that stomach cramps are caused by taking less of the med Clonazapam each day! Maintains that I had cramping earlier. Yes! I did .
….when the gastroenterologist confirmed that I had celiac disease. Sent for testing: I was allergic to wheat and have been “wheat(gluten) free“ since diagnosed. Cramping stopped!!

Now I have pain from Clon withdrawal….cramping.
The pharmacognosist confirmed that decreasing my prescription can indeed cause cramping. He gave me the literature from this pharmaceutical! Why did I not read it when I received the prescription??!!
– CRAMPS on withdrawal from this med that causes changes in mood and memory!

Always read the literature that comes with your prescription. Get a second opinion. I have never sued anyone, but I am tempted… malpractice, irreparable harm.

3 days ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

Double over cramping would be a better description

3 days ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I recently talked to the doctor who prescribed Clonazapam for cervical dystonia. He decided to decrease dose … it can affect memory!! And mood….. after all these years!!!

I now have stomach cramps and ab pain ….following his withdrawal schedule of decreasing the Clon.
He DENIES that the cramping pain is caused by withdrawal.

The pharmacist told me to read the print out
of Clonazapam withdrawal: stomach and ab pain.

The prescriber of Clon is telling me that my gut, stomach pain is caused by my FORMER digestive pain (celiac)which I had BEFORE celiac diagnosis.

I had no GI pain for decades after I was diagnosed with celiac disease!!!! I was allergic to wheat stopped eating wheat (celiac disease). No problem!I No pain!

I have been pain free UNTIL titrating off Clonazapam.
Pain is caused by decrease in Clonazapam!
Why is he blaming my present stomach/ intestine pain on celiac …..
1.when I now know not to eat WHEAT

2. and the pharmacist pointed out the symptoms of withdrawal from Clonazapam. ( stomach and intestinal pain).

4 days ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Ah! Yes! I remember it well 🌉🌆🏛🏭🚤 🎓

4 days ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Here’s to you, fiesty😇 . You are my positive reinforcement for the day. Thank you 🙏