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Oct 2, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier My doctor has me on Remelteon for sleep. It hasn't worked for the last few nights but he wants me to stay on it since it may take time to kick in. I'm hoping it does soon since I am exhausted now. It's been two months or so that I have had problems sleeping. Last night I got six hours which is the best I have had in a while so maybe it is helping some now. The depression and anxiety are fine now. I seem to be doing better in that area.
My daughter is doing OK. Her foot is still bothering her but she wants to go back to soccer this week. She has a game on Friday that she wants to play in. I will probably end up getting her in to see the orthopedic next week to see what he says. Her therapist is good and has a treatment plan setup for her for the next three months. I think it looks good and she seems happy with it. My daughter and I spent Sunday night playing a Sherlock Holmes computer game together. We had a lot of fun.
My wife told me she isn't comfortable having me in the house and then a few minutes later asks me to fix something for her. I got a list of things that are broken that she needs help with. She did offer me dinner last night before my daughter's therapist appointment. She didn't sit with me while I ate but it was still nice that she offered. First time in months.

Oct 2, 2019 · I cant remember my panic attacks in Mental Health

@flamecharley I have had a few panic attacks in the last few months but nothing like what you have described. That sounds truly horrendous. The fact that you aren't able to remember much about them makes me wonder if it is something other than a panic attack. I would definitely talk to your doctor about this. My heart goes out to you.

Sep 27, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@njp1013 @contentandwell My daughter is doing OK. She is still not walking well but I think she is doing better. She's been getting frustrated with her mother since she keeps having to repeat herself. My wife doesn't seem to be listening well. At my daughter's therapy session last night my daughter had to tell her mother things several times. I'm trying not to put my daughter in the middle of the problems my wife and I are having but I know that she has defended me to her mother several times now.
The counseling went as expected yesterday. The counselor asked about how things have been for me and told him about the depression, my father's death, the problems my wife has with my mother, and all the other issues that have come up. He was pretty shocked that my wife wanted to talk to my daughter's therapist alone and told her that isn't how things are supposed to work. I don't know if she heard him or not. He offered us a 90 schedule to try to work things out but my wife isn't interested. She says I hurt her a week ago when I couldn't think of anything good from our marriage besides our daughters. I probably did but she doesn't understand that with everything that has happened, she has hurt me so many times I can't count. She said she would think about it but I don't expect anything.
I'm tired today. I slept OK last night but just don't feel rested. I have a new prescription to try tonight so we will see how that goes. I'm getting to the point where I am willing to try anything to just not be exhausted.

Sep 26, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@contentandwell Good morning. I ended up taking my daughter to after hours last night for her foot. She doesn't have a fracture and the nurse practitioner thinks it is a tendon issue. She won't be practicing or playing in games for a week to see if that helps.

This morning my wife asked about the counseling so I will be picking her up to go. I'm not sure what will happen at this point but at least she will be going. I really wish she hadn't put up so much of a fight about going nearly two months ago. I don't know if it would have made a difference though.

Just got notice that my boss got fired. He's a nice guy but hasn't been doing a great job and has upset a lot of people. Still, I had thought things were going better but I guess not.

I got about six hours of sleep last night. Woke up at 4:00 but got back to sleep until 6:00. Took melatonin and diphenhydramine last night. Only things that seem to help at this point. I know I can't keep using the diphenhyrdamine since it really isn't good for me so I will see what my doctor says tomorrow. At least I feel better today after getting some sleep.

Sep 25, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@njp1013 Sorry to hear you had a rough one too. Hope you have a better night too.

Sep 25, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@njp1013 Well, the zalepron that the doctor gave me for last night didn't work well. I got about 3 hours of sleep. So kind of a zombie today and I am waiting for the doctor to call back still. I will probably go back to melatonin and diphenhydromine for tonight since that has worked OK. I just know I can't stay on the antihistamine for an extended time so I was hoping for another option.

Sep 24, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@njp1013 Sometimes tired still but unable to get back to sleep or just able to doze a bit. Other times wide awake. Previously I had a lot of anxiety when I woke up early and my mind just wouldn't shut off. That hasn't happened for a week or so now. I end up just reading when I wake up if it is around 4:00 on a weekday. If earlier, I try to get back to sleep. Weekends I try to sleep later but end up just reading most often.

Sep 24, 2019 · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

@gingerw Thanks, I will go to the counselor in any case. I sent a text to my wife about our daughter but haven't heard back yet.