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Mon, Jan 6 2:19pm · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

I also had a terrible reaction to it. I told my (ex) doctor. She did not even reply.

Mon, Jan 6 2:12pm · How to get accurate information and ways to get answers from docs? in Just Want to Talk

Hi — my doctor also said that fasting is not necessary.

Mon, Jan 6 1:54pm · How do they take out a thyroid? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thank you very much for the informative answer.

Sun, Jan 5 2:16pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

💟 Well I'm glad you made it here !!!

Sun, Jan 5 2:05am · Daughter with unmedicated schizophrenia in Mental Health

👩‍⚕️ Keep on keeping on.

Dec 28, 2019 · Congestive heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

Hi — first of all i think its HORRIBLE that you were told that you're NOT ON THE LIST of people for the care place to talk to. I know about HIPPA and all that BUT how does one get on the LIST???

Dec 28, 2019 · Aortic Stenosis & Valve Replacement in Heart & Blood Health

I would find a cardiologist who treats you his/herself and doesn't pawn you off to the NP.

Dec 28, 2019 · Congestive heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

hi — i was also diagnosed w. heart failure recently when i was in the hospital b/cuz my blood pressure was too low. I'm 80 and really am not sure that the hospital drs diagnosed me correctly. they also said i have a reduced ejection fraction. i went to two cardiologists when i got out of the hospital — they did nothing except to "see" me for around 10 minutes, prescribe meds that i think i don't need, and automatically they made an apt. for me with an NP. i've learned the hard way to not let the "drs" pawn me off to an NP. I know nothing about that NP — i.e. where she got training, what her clinical experience was, or even her name. and almost immediately after I saw the "doctor" i got an email from an unknown sender. it turned out to be the NP — she didn't even tell me who she was, the drs she was representing, nada. So I know now not to let the drs pawn me off to the NP. who knows nothing about me. I wish you and your MOM the best. hope you have found GOOD doctors.