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Wed, Nov 13 9:13pm · Calcium and Vitamin D for bone density in Bones, Joints & Muscles

hi — as far as i know — checking magnesium level in a blood test does not let you know the true magnesium level b/cuz the important information is the level of magnesium in the tissues.

Mon, Nov 11 7:13am · Referral to Mayo declined in Autoimmune Diseases

😥 It's all about 💲💲💲

Mon, Nov 11 6:58am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

I got so sick of Harvard Newsletter pretending to educate and help people with dis-ease and then after a few sentences asking you for 💲💲💲💲. And the "pitch" is formulaic and treats you like an idiot who will fall for their products. I don't open these emails anymore.

Tue, Oct 22 6:24am · Triggers for caregivers in Caregivers

Me too. I never answer phone. Except for 2 people and I see their names before I answer.

Fri, Oct 18 2:53am · Tykosyn use in Heart Rhythm Conditions

hi — last year my cardiologist tried the electrical conversion. the first time it only worked for a couple minutes -2nd time it worked for around 20 min. so my dr. put me on tikosyn and kept me in the hospital for 4 days to see how it worked for me. but then he stopped it saying something about a long QT interval. so then he sent me home w. amaridione — i took that for about 10 days – then i started reading about in in a group here – got scared and stopped taking it. i am now taking metoprolol and xarelto.

Thu, Oct 17 9:16pm · AF occurence in Heart Rhythm Conditions

thanks for your observations — i don't know when the Afib starts — i can feel it at night when i am trying to go to sleep.