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Sat, May 16 10:41pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi — A few hours ago I asked on this board the question of why metoprolol is not a favored medicine. And many of you people are weaning off of it (with guidance by your doctors). I just started reading (listening) to a book "Bottle of Lies" which educated me on how generics are produced in China or India and other countries and are then sold to the USA. And generally it happens that generics can be contaminated or not effective etc. The FDA does inspect these foreign drug factories – but generally the FDA inspectors do not have access to the parts of the huge buildings where the generics are made. Plus generally the FDA inspectors don't even KNOW that there are facilities in the huge campuses where the testing goes on. This book tells it ALL (at least where the inpectors know to look). Otherwise the inspectors are given a VIP welcome and taken on a tour of the drug company which only shows the labs and offices that the Chinese Drug Companies want outsiders to see. (i'm generalizing I know — there must be a Honest Drug maker in china.) if you want to have your eyelids opened then read this book. I got the audiobook from The author states that one of the "biggies" is metoprolol ethyl succinate. Plus in the USA the FDA inspectors can and do "drop in" unannounced. However in China the FDA inspectors have to notify the drug makes FAR in advance – which you all know give them time to rush around crazily and clean up every corner, polish and clean every surface, dress themselves in dazzling whites. Which we would certainly do if we happened by circumstances to be born as a Chinese, and have been fortunate to get a good education in the sciences including pharmacology.

Sat, May 16 7:27pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi — From a fellow Afibber — I've had Afib for around 4 yrs. My cardiologist prescribed metoprolol. Right now I take 25 mg ethyl succinate ER twice a day. I have seen a few brief comments here and there saying to "get off metoprolol" b/cuz it's a bad drug. I cannot readily find any research about it. Can you point me to any articles / studies about metoprolol?

Sat, Apr 4 8:19pm · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

Just my 2 cts. I'm not thrilled w. the idea your therapist suggested re seeing a sad movie once a week. Also if you have been diagnosed by a good psychiatrist/psychotherapist with bipolar disorder and they've suggested meds then you could try them. I'm bipolar — for around 50 yrs. – and I do need my meds. I still have a horrible time getting up from bed — and often don't.

Sat, Apr 4 8:13pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Hi – If your (limited) budget permits – why don't you see another psychotherapist. A good psychotherapist often works with a psychiatrist if you need / she thinks you need meds.

Mon, Mar 2 9:47pm · Side Effects of New Shingles Vaccine in Just Want to Talk

Amira, thanks for sharing. So sorry you are so ill. I had the new shingles shot about 2 yrs. ago — (first one). I never went back for the 2nd one. Don't know if the 2nd shot would be effective now b/cuz too much time has passed. But thanks to YOU and some others here I certainly know to research it.

Sun, Feb 16 11:39pm · Forteo vs. Tymlos in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Why do you need to address dental issues when you're taking it?

Fri, Jan 24 10:07pm · Forteo vs. Tymlos in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi.. i saw a rheumatologist a couple years ago. She was giving me a hard sell on Forteo
And told me zero about the risks. And she assumed I was going to take it. To the point that when I was leaving and passed by the reception desk the 2 women working there had already arranged for me to get it at some kind of a mail order pharmacy.. where it was obvious the doctor had a connection. The so called pharmacy kept calling me.. saying it was really easy for them to mail it to me. And how I didn't have to pay up front. I never even ageed to take it.???!!! And I read up on it later. And was surely not wanting to have jaw necrosis. So I didn't go back to that doctor.

Mon, Jan 6 2:19pm · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

I also had a terrible reaction to it. I told my (ex) doctor. She did not even reply.