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Aug 21, 2019 · Melasma and the Mental Health effects of skin conditions in Skin Health

Thank you 🙂 Rome is nice. I relocated here in summer 2015, so it's my 5th year here 🙂 Before that, I lived in Boston, Massachusetts. The laser disaster happened in Prague, the Czech Republic (2013). I was advised to move to some northern country where the sun is not so strong but I refused to adjust my life & plans just because of this skin condition. I have always wanted to live in Rome & teach at La Sapienza, so here I am – despite the fact that here I must do much more for the skin. I hope to see you here one day 🙂 Have a beautiful summer!

Aug 20, 2019 · Melasma and the Mental Health effects of skin conditions in Skin Health

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Well, when I see other people with skin problems, I look at them in a different way, with compassion, because I know what they are living… I know it is difficult for men to look at a woman and think… Well, she has problematic skin but, maybe… maybe she has a good heart. You are right about other health issues being far more serious, like Crohn's disease etc. I actually teach at La Sapienza medical school here in Rome & I translate medical books & articles all the time, so I know that melasma is just a minor "cosmetic" issue. It does not hurt… but still… those first 5 years after the laser procedure were the worst. Now, I got used to living with that, covering with make-up & applying SPF 50+ creams in summer (and we have extremely hot summers here in Rome, Italy). I wish you all the best & a lot of positive energy to your young nephew! I'll be praying for him & for you as well here in the Eternal City…

Aug 20, 2019 · Melasma and the Mental Health effects of skin conditions in Skin Health

OK, I didn't know yours was that deep. Frankly speaking, I did not know how deep was mine but Pigmanorm really helped it, so I just wanted to share my experience. You are a lucky woman because you had kids and your youngest is 18 years old 🙂 That's beautiful! To me, this horror happened when I was 34 y.o. and, of course, no man will marry me like that & I can also forget about having children 🙁

Aug 20, 2019 · Melasma and the Mental Health effects of skin conditions in Skin Health

Hi 🙂 I have responded to your message here but it is probably displayed as a separate post, so please read it here, I think that cream can help you 🙂 Blessings, Marcela

Aug 18, 2019 · Melasma and the Mental Health effects of skin conditions in Skin Health

Hello, I know what you are talking about. I got melasma after an unwanted laser procedure at the beauty clinic of my ex-boyfriend. He is President of an important laser association in my country, so I believed the laser procedure was safe. However, instead of helping me with minor acne problems, I ended up with having horrible melasma all over my face. All over my forehead and under the eyes (as they put metal glasses on my eyes and probably burned the delicate skin around them). This happened in April 2013 and I have been struggling with this problem since then. However, I can tell you one thing really worked. An old dermatologist recommended to me Pigmanorm Creme, available in Germany and Switzerland (due to the high percentage of hydroquinone in it, it is banned in certain countries). The effect of Pigmanorm Creme is pretty drastic. You put it on the affected area, leave it for about 3 hours, then remove it, the spot becomes unpleasantly red and in the following one week or so, you literally "peal off" your skin from that spot. I did it in winter and really got rid of that major huge spot on my forehead (though the problem still stays under my eyes). If you have it on your chin, chances are that it will help you, too. You are absolutely right with the self-confidence issue! I can tell you that I suffered *hell* when this happened to me, for many years. People never looked into my eyes but always on my forehead and no make-up can cover that. Moreover, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me (of course!), until now he keeps denying that his clinic of aesthetic medicine is fully responsible for this huge damage (and, of course, it is more psychological because melasma does not really "hurt"), he has never paid any damages, so I have invested tons of money into this thing, including all those shiny whitish creams with SPF 50+ and also this year in September I'll start a new treatment for those spots under my eyes. It is a lot of sorrow and money. If you got this while pregnant, it is your baby and you're just fine. But in my case it was "produced" and given to me as a gift (initially with a free voucher to the beauty clinic) so my trauma is greater for that. Try Pigmanorm but be very cautious because it is, indeed, very very strong. Before Pigmanorm, I used about 10 different products but none of them really helped.