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3 days ago · Foot neuropathy in Neuropathy

I completely understand & I feel the same way. It is kind of discouraging when you know it is going to get worse. I have the progressive type.

Wed, Nov 6 10:58am · Foot neuropathy in Neuropathy

I have the same thing. I notice when I do house work & are moving around I feel better but once I sit down the pain starts & doesn't go away. I am on 500 mg of Gabapentin & taking Cymbalta & they keep increasing the Gabapentin & it helps for a week & then the pain is back. I give up & I am not going to increase it anymore. Do you have to keep increasing the Imipramine like you do Gabapentin? I'm at my witts end & don't know what to do. Can this condition make your blood pressure rise? Mine has been going up & i do take meds for that. I have no idea how I got this but I do have back problems with the disks & was in a car wreck 10 years ago. I guess there is no way of knowing for sure. Please let me know if the Imiprinine helps? Thank you. best of luck to you. Genie

Mon, Nov 4 10:58am · My mom has a elevated amylase and lipase but pancreas appears normal in Digestive Health

Hi Louise
Glad your back home & had a nice trip. I am praying for you. I am still not feeling well but am fighting this. My blood pressure is starting to elevate & I am on Losartan 25 low dose but it is on the rise. I am wondering if certain medications can cause it to go up. If it continues I will have to call my Cardiologist. I am not a diabetic & they have no idea why the lipase is going up. In a couple of weeks I go back for the repeat of the test & I hope & pray it has not gone up more. I still think my problem stems from the last surgery I had. The small bowel was injured & I had to have 2 stitches so I don't know if this has anything to do with it. All I know is that I am loaded with adhesions that can not be removed so that might be part of the problem.
Well Louise keep in touch & keep me posted.
Have a good day.
God Bless

Fri, Nov 1 5:38pm · Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

What happens when you reach your limit of Gabapentin & it still doesn't work? Then it would be hard to get off of it because then you have to taper off. This is a scary situation. I'm afraid of the Lyrica because I have heard horror stories about that.

Fri, Nov 1 5:33pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

What is this stimulator that everyone is talking about? Will it help neuropathy. I wa sjust diagnosed so I'm new to all this stuff. Thanks

Thu, Oct 31 4:30pm · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

I started with a low dose of Gabapentin & now I'm up to 500 mg a day. I know it makes you tired & sleepy so they have me take 1 Gabapentin in the morning & 1 in the afternoon & then 300 mg at night. I take it for a few days & then I feel bad again so they keep increasing it. If you take the highest amount of Gabapentin & it doesn't not help, what are you suppose to do? I'm afraid to take Lyrica because I have heard a lot of people have bad side effects & the elavel is not too goofd either. What are we suppose to do. I am also on Cymbalta & I think it helps me get through the day because it gives me energy. Actually my husband says it makes me hyper. I hope we can get out of this pain & find some relief. Best of luck to all of you out there suffering like me.

Thu, Oct 31 4:21pm · My mom has a elevated amylase and lipase but pancreas appears normal in Digestive Health

Hi Louise
I see your back. Hope your doing ok. I have not been well. I'm scared to have the next blood test because I am having a lot of stomach issue & the neuropathy is killing me. They put me on Gabapentin & they keep increasing it & I do good for a week & then the needles & pins in the legs & feet. It is hard for me to get around. I'm getting discouraged but I keep going. My new grandson is keeping me alive. he is 7 months old & they are coming down for the week end. Glad your back. I'm praying for you.
Take Care

Tue, Oct 29 11:34am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Thank you for your info. I know this is a tough disease to deal with. I guess I will experiment with this Gabapentin but I don't want to take any more because I have Stage 3 Kidney disease & my dr. is worried if I increase it too much. These golden years are not much fun. Thanks Jim. Best wished Tigreyes