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Sun, Feb 16 3:24pm · Has anyone been diagnosed with Abdominal Wall Pain in Chronic Pain

Maybe the pain is adhesion's coming from prior surgeries. I am going through the same thing & I know for sure my pain is from adhesions & neuropathy. Best of luck to you & I hope she gets answers.

Sun, Jan 26 11:20am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I tried Nortriptyline & it did help my pain but I got so constipated from it that I had to stop it. That was the only med that helped me with my pain. I take Gabapentin at a low dose of 500 mg of day. I take 300 mg at night & 100 mg 2 times during the day. That is so that it don't make me so tired. I also take the duloxetine. How come you are trying to get off of it?

Sat, Jan 11 10:41am · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

I had adhesions removed at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix & surgery only makes it worse. I have adhesion's that are plastered to my intestines & bladder. There is nothing they can do about it. The dr. I had was very good & he removed what he could but through the process there was a small tearin the small bowel so you have to be careful about removing them. My dr. said no more surgery. It would only cause me more problems & just to treat the pain. Only way adhesion's show is through a laporoscopy. They do not show on a MRI or CY Scan. Best of luck to you.

Sat, Jan 4 1:45pm · Neuropathy & Exercise in Neuropathy

I can not handle too much Gabapentin at 1 time because it makes me tired & sleepy so the dr. has me take 1 100 mg after breakfast & 1 in the afternoon & 300 mg at night & I sleep very well. They wanted to increase me to 200 mg at a time but I was getting headaches & nauseated so I'm just on 500 mg which is low. I don't feel it helps with the pain but I guess it does to an extent because I am functioning & doing my house work. I do notice I forget things a lot & I think that is part of the side effect. I also take Cymbalta & i think that helps me to not get depressed over this. I now wear low shoes instead of high heel & my life style has changed a lot. I'm pretty much home bound. I would talk to your dr. about it. Best of luck. Tigreyes

Dec 2, 2019 · My mom has a elevated amylase and lipase but pancreas appears normal in Digestive Health

Hi Louise
I'm gla dyou are feeling better & that you had a nice Thanksgivng. My husband had to work but we went to dinner & on our way home there was a flash flood & it was real scary & damaged my car & tore off the bumper. Now I need to have it fixed & the places around here are all booked until Jan to fix it because I live in a small town & there were other storms a month ago that damaged other people's cars . I had to cancel my dr. appointment this week & now I have to go when my husband can take me next week. Always something. I did have a nice time with my Grandson & my son's B.D. next week end so they are coming down this week end.
Keep in touch & let me know how you are doing. Nice to hear from you. Your in my prayers. God bless Genie

Nov 27, 2019 · Creams or oils to help alleviate the pain? in Neuropathy

Happy Thanksgiving To All Of You
Hope you have a pain free day. God Bless Genie/ Tigreyes

Nov 27, 2019 · My mom has a elevated amylase and lipase but pancreas appears normal in Digestive Health

Hi Louise
Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you gained some weight. I'm praying for you.
I did have my blood test & it was a lot better.
My lipase went from 403 to 98 so that is good & my amylace was 395 & now it is 261. He just said that was good & I go back in March for a repeat. I don't understand how it could go down that much but I won't complain.
My grandson came down & I just got back from Vegas seeing them again & then they will be back in a few weeks for my son's Birthday. My grandson is already 8 months & crawling already. He is a cutie.
Anyways Louise you keep in touch & have a Happy Thanksgiving. Praying for you.
God Bless

Nov 17, 2019 · Foot neuropathy in Neuropathy

I completely understand & I feel the same way. It is kind of discouraging when you know it is going to get worse. I have the progressive type.