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Thu, Aug 8 1:28pm · Post-op TKR: "Patella" pain? in Joint Replacements

I agree.. it’s interesting that the facility does not have a better program for post op.. they showed me 3 exercises and told me to walk… I do have a mini recumbent bike I do quite often and stretches, steps..I feel like a “wimp” if I go in.. Ha. I’m grateful to have found this connection. Thanks I guess I should have been more assertive…

Wed, Aug 7 9:49pm · Post-op TKR: "Patella" pain? in Joint Replacements

I have gone to PT 2 times in 6 weeks. They don’t push it at Mayo if we can do it at home. I live on a hill and walk, I must have over worked things and made it angry. I need to remind myself we all heal at a different pace. Slow steady steps .

Wed, Aug 7 7:39pm · Post-op TKR: "Patella" pain? in Joint Replacements

Hi Debbra, I take 800mg ibuprofen 2 times a day. I may have pushed it too much, I do PT at home . I have been in 2 times to PT but mainly for advice on the snapping behind my knee as well. It’s good to hear it is early on… I read it take 10-12 weeks for bone, tendons and muscle to fully heal so more patience. I am still icing as well. So do they to do PT even if sore from previous day or as tolerated ? I know when I have to do my Right knee I will be much wiser! Thank you

Wed, Aug 7 9:55am · Post-op TKR: "Patella" pain? in Joint Replacements

Is it normal to start having “patella” pain at 5 weeks? (they did a facetectomy and neurectomy as cartilage “looked good”) how does one know if they need a MUA? I also had arthoscopic surgery on posterior 2016 and interior 11/2019 now total knee June 27,2019. So many questions! Thanks, Dana