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Fri, Aug 9 2:20am · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I think you are correct in that salt is not the only thing that can cause water retention.In my case I never did consume much salt, but I did consume a lot of caffiene and diet soda. And in the case of diet soda, I had through the years noted that it caused me to retain fluid; My breasts would feel very full – as they did when I nursed my four children. Strange. Now that I have eliminated caffeine and all soda, I have not had another episode of Meniere's and I do not get that full feeliing in my breasts. I agree that we each have to find our own trigger(s) and it is not necessarily always salt.

Tue, Aug 6 12:27pm · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Only you yourself have a "feeling" inside (perhaps) that something (food or contact) is just "not right". Myself, just prior to one of my three bad episodes, I had eaten a frozen food "meal" that I had bought at the Dollar Tree. In hindsight, I wonder WHY certain food items sporadically appear at such a low price at such a store. I personally never ever eat "reject" food items like that again! Also, many years before my Meniere's disease hearing loss and extended vomiting/lack of being able to function episodes, I had another type of serious reaction by my body to caffeine: Panic attacks. I could not even tolerate the small amount of caffeine in Excedrin. So for a long time I stopped caffeine and my body stopped the panic attacks. So it made sense to me to QUIT for good the caffeine in my life. For ME, caffeine has never done me a bit of good. And I used to drink a LOT of tea. I don't even drink herbal tea anymore. Not even decaffeinated coffee. NONE of it. I am prepared for another attack by keeping vomit bags and anti nausea medicine in my glove compartment and purse, but since stopping all caffiene and all sodas (diet or regular) (because I used to drink about 3 cans a day!) I have not had another recurrence. I agree with most others that the triggers are different for all of us. WE have to be our own detectives on this. Keep a detailed diary!

Tue, Aug 6 12:26pm · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Excellent advice.

Tue, Jul 30 6:28pm · Meniere's Disease in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I have had no episodes since totally stopping caffiene. No sodas, no coffee, no tea…. no caffeine period.