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Aug 6, 2019 · Hip replacement worries - analysis paralysis in Joint Replacements

As someone that considers themselves a "hip replacement expert"…lol, I would say, go for it ! I had my first two hip replacements at the age of 33 . Arthritis is hereditary in my family, but hit me the youngest. I had immobility at first, like you, but then the pain set in because I waited too long.I was also misdiagnosed for a long time, since most doctors could not even fathom that I could possibly need a hip replacement at my age of 33 ! I eventually found a fantastic Orthopedic , and had them done in 1987.Four months apart. They lasted me exactly 10 years , ( I was told that at the time I had them done ) I then had a revision on both. Also a few months apart. These lasted me 14 years . I am on my 3 rd revision now. Had them done in 2011. These , I was told should last me the remainder of my lifetime. Of course that`s if I don`t beat up on them too intensely. But all in all, the therapy was quite bearable and far less painful than a knee replacement. ( which I also had about 4 years ago ) It was well worth it in my opinion. If I had to do it all again, I would. I was back in the swing of doing everything I once did after a few short months. And best of all…..no more pain and mobility back ! And the last ones were even better than the first or second, since medical technology is improving yearly . Less invasive procedures, better therapy , and determination on your part make for a successful end game. Good luck to you !

Jul 30, 2019 · ED versus Libido in Men's Health

That is my problem as well glenner 075. So what do you do about it?? Any good supplements out there , or natural herbs, etc.?

Jul 30, 2019 · Video Q&A about The Truth about Testosterone and Men’s Health in Healthy Living

Thank you for the articles. Will read them today. Will stay in touch, and let you know if I have any success.

Jul 30, 2019 · Video Q&A about The Truth about Testosterone and Men’s Health in Healthy Living

Thank you for your reply Leonard. FORTUNATELY I have NONE of those conditions or diseases. I am not depressed. ( Not that I know of.Have no reason to be. Have a beautiful wife I love dearly, a great , stress free life. (retired), no money problems. good health, great family ) I don`t smoke. ( never have ) I don`t drink , except for an occasional glass of wine or two socially. I also do not take ONE single pill for anything, other than a VERY occasional Motrin for VERY rare headaches. I am basically healthy as an ox except for the low libido problem. When I take a Viagra, or Cialis, they DO help, however the desire that was as an 18 year old is way gone…. lol. Maybe that`s considered normal for most men. I don`t know. Just looking for something that may just kickstart the "horniness" into gear when needed. Hoping to find an answer soon.

Jul 25, 2019 · Video Q&A about The Truth about Testosterone and Men’s Health in Healthy Living

I am really interested to know if there are any legitimate, Male Enhancement/Libido raising/ supplements on the market?? There are literally thousands of them I noticed, and I imagine most are worthless and a waste of money .I am a 70 year old man, pretty healthy. I also had a urologist check me out recently, and was told my testosterone levels were pretty good for my age ,and that my prostate was SLIGHTLY enlarged, but nothing of concern right now. So I don`t know what the problem is . I have very low desire, ,but use Viagra or Cialis for help to get and maintain an erection. They DO work , when I use them, but the " horniness or desire" is actually not there normally until my wife initiates intimacy, and slowly coaxes me to take a pill, and then gets me to the point of erection after a while. We would BOTH like to have a more active sex life…………. it`s come down to maybe once a a month….IF lucky. All her doing BTW. Am really frustrated …………please help ??