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2 days ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Oh yeah, for a regular looking shoes, I personally like Propet. They have lots of styles, colors, widths and sizes. So I can have some normal looking shoes and not just running shoes.

2 days ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I did some research a few years ago on running shoes for my feet. I have to have a comfortable and supportive shoe. I have very flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and a wide foot. So I found an affordable running shoe … BROOKS Adrenaline GTS19 Running Shoes in Dark Turquoise in XW. I love them. Super comfortable. I can wear them with my orthotics and they have a nice wide toe box that comforts my neuropathic feet, and toes. They have firm support and are great for the fasciitis. Lots of Brooks running shoes have wide toe boxes. Great shoes. I only paid $70 on Amazon.

2 days ago · Back again. It's been a while in Neuropathy

I think some of the itchy spots elsewhere for me are due to a skin condition I inherited from my dad. Seborrheic Keratosis. I have these bumps over most of my back (flesh toned and raised) that get really itchy. She prescribed some steroid cream for periodic use to help with the itching and froze off some of the worse ones. I use a back scratcher cuz they drive me crazy….My husband won['t scratch my back cuz he's afraid he'll hurt me. Enough talking about that, makes me itchy just thinking about it.

2 days ago · Back again. It's been a while in Neuropathy

my neurologist only recommended the ala because "It's primarily for people with diabetic neuropathy, but it can't hurt". I don't know if I should seek out a new doc who is more info savvy or what. I live in Michigan and really like the hospital I live near, so I kinda want to stay within this area. But Mayo is my support group and I don't know of any others near me. I had a couple of Massive Pulmonary Embolisms in 2018 and so trying to get caught up in caring for all my ills right now. Thanks for the recommendation of reading, I will check it out. The biggest issue with my feet is the numbness in various parts of my feet.

2 days ago · Back again. It's been a while in Neuropathy

To update I have Generalized Sensorimotor Peripheral Neuropathy. .. over my entire body. I was shocked when she did the nerve conduction test and I couldn't feel anything over some of my body. The burning feet issue seems to have subsided for the most part. Maybe partly due to my intake of Alpha Lipoic Acid, 600mg, (recommended by neurologist) and the use of a fan to cool my feet when they do feel hot/burning, but the leg pain is sporadically worsening – the feeling of electrical or needle like stabbing pain in my right thigh and left shin. Past couple weeks been having periodic numbness in my hands while sleeping. I just shift my hands and the numbness goes away. as far as the needle pain.. it is absolutely the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. UGH. I just deal with it as best I can.

Q… does anyone have an itchy sensation but when you scratch it you can't tell if the itchiness is being relieved? I know that sounds weird. But I have that on my left upper thigh. It really pi#$es me off that there is no treatment for me. or lots of others like me. So much for the state of medicine. Sheesh.

I have Major depressive disorder and anxiety for longer than the neuropathy so I am already on a couple antidepressants to treat that. I take 2 antidepressants daily, 1 anxiety med sporadically, 1 anti-d for sleep and I guess that makes 4 all together. I am doing some reading all the time on recommendations from medical literature re help for neuropathy. The ala (alpha lipoic acid ) has been mentioned as helpful for people with diabetic neuropathy. It is an antioxidant.

Nov 15, 2019 · Supplement recommendations can help in Neuropathy

I was diagnosed earlier this year with "Sensorimotor Peripheral Neuropathy" over my whole body, though I am not yet showing symptoms everywhere. I do have numbness in all my toes, feet, a large section of my upper right thigh, large section of the side of my left calf, occasional … numbness in my hands in the middle of the night. Anyway, my neurologist did suggest Alpha Lipoic Acid (otc supplement) to help with the neuropathy. She said that although studies suggest people who also have diabetes have had some success with taking this (I don't have diabetes), she said I might get some help from it. So, yep, it's been about 8 months I have been taking 600mg/daily and it seems to have helped lessen my feelings of 'burning feet'. I am going to increase my dosage to 800mg when I finish my current bottle. I use a brand that has no additives (colors, flavors, etc). Brand: Best Vitamins. Though I don't have diabetes, and it may be helpful only because I believe in it, that is something.

My husband periodically gives me massage on my ankles, tops of my feet and calves which seems to offer some help with the emptiness feeling on that lower part of my body. I am doing some reading research on any other supplements which could be of help. I try not to think about neuropathy too much, because I have since been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and CTEPH. I stick to reputable sites like the Mayo Clinic and PubMed as well as those of us who have personal experiences. Thanks to everyone here for your help. Maybe someday there will be a definitive cure for this wicked torture.

Aug 14, 2019 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Okay, me being a relative newbie here, could someone explain what PEA is???

Aug 11, 2019 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

It's hard to be active when you are in pain, intermittent or constant. I have been trying to get about more often and the pain in my feet seems a bit better. I am not yet at the stage of taking gabapentin but will keep that in mind. Part of my neuropathy is that the nerves sometimes are not receiving any stimulation. This might explain the pain in my shoulders that I don't notice until it's really sore. I have some balance issues and am trying to walk more. I miss walking, but I have fallen in the past and that scares me. I am only 60 and don't want to end up in the hospital due to a fall. I take lots of calcium for my bones and know that walking will help strengthen that too. Just had to vent to those who understand the struggle daily. My husband is blessed not to have this. All my best to those who struggle with pain, getting around and just plain all the stuff that comes along with the neuropathy. Thanks for being here to listen to my ranting.