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Mon, Aug 19 6:16am · Side Effects of Plavix is there an Alternative in Heart & Blood Health

My husband has been on Plavix for 15 years due to medicated stents, He bruises so easily like you basically arms and hands. He is in the hospital right now and from the iv and blood draws he is a mess with the blue marks. Rarely does he not have the bruises..

Sun, Aug 4 1:51pm · Aortic Stenosis & Valve Replacement in Heart & Blood Health

Can someone give me any feedback on my post.

Sun, Aug 4 1:51pm · Aortic Stenosis & Valve Replacement in Heart & Blood Health

I am seeing a new cardio, my other left the area. The new one has a excellent reputation in fact is my husbands cardio for 15 years. I did call the office about the Echo and the nurse I spoke with said if you received no call than don't worry, this needs to be watched for now. I see the cardio in Sept.
You had a heart transplant?
I have always had a low H/B also born with a murmur that I always had along with my 2 sisters

Thank you for being there. I guess everything stops working like it use when we age.

Sun, Aug 4 1:51pm · Aortic Stenosis & Valve Replacement in Heart & Blood Health

I have been getting Echo's every 2 years for 20 years for a mild Aortic sclerious.

This report I had done last week says heavily calcified Aortic leaflets.

Moderate Aortic stenosis: peak velocity 3.1 m/s
dimensionless index 0.5
calculated AVA=1.50 cm

Doppler perimeters were not sufficient to analyze regurg volume

Doppler was incomplete for Diastolic flow

some trival and trace things shown in other valves.

My dx before was sclerious not it is stenosis and never have I seen anything about leaflets. All I am thinking is surgery and so afraid
I am a 77 year old female. with bradicardia.

2 months ago I had fluttering in my stomach, have IBS and was very gassy but checked my pulse and it was 143 went to the E R was admitted over night and monitored, was in sinus rythum and home in 24 hours on meds.

Wed, Jul 17 4:48pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

I have bradycardia but had fluttering in my stomach, checked my pulse it ws143, went to the E R was admitted overnight being monitored. was dxed as possible atrial flutters. my pulse rate was in the 30's on the 25 mgs now high 40's or low 50's, but that is about normal for me. I am not sure the flutters were not caused by gas from IBS, was having a bad IBS day and read on several boards they get racing heart beats from several digestive problems, reflux, IBS, chrons etc. I had one Dr. tell me if I start racing again take one 25 mg Metoprolol if the racing does not stop in 10 minuets go to the E R the other said same dosage but give the racing 2 hours to stop or slow down. Slightly confused here and wondering how fast rates are for people on this board and what they do when they get them? This is new to me>

Wed, Jul 17 4:17pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Does anyone get light headed on and off with Metoprolol ? I take 12 !/2 mgs extended release. Started with 25 mgs but felt really spaced out and light headed so Dr. cut me back. Have no trouble sleeping with the med.