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Sun, Oct 13 10:25am · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

I had a Nissen in 2015 in Iowa…had all sorts of GI problems, Lost 50 pounds from 195, 5'10" male… Iowa could not figure out what was wrong…went to Mayo Minnesota..they diagnosed it in 3 tests over a few hours. Gastropaneisis…doc said my Nissen could not be undone as the problems would get worse.. He noted that 1 in 6 Nissens FAIL.. so living with it is the key..Gas, bloating, yes… vomiting. Occasionally… feeling as if food is caught somewhere and must be thrown up, sleeping tilted up so gravity does the stomach emptying…My friends say I am always grazing..eating small portions, no soft breads, no leafy greens unless chopped fine or blended.. no big pieces of anything except ice cream . I'm 82. It is a life changing event.. and few understand what you are going through ..I take the Nexium genaric, and Mirazapine.. to help me think I want to eat… feeling the best when the stomach is empty, like when you awaken, is not sustainable…Ken

Mon, Sep 30 10:19am · I am desperate to find a dr who treats arachnoiditis. in Spine Health

Pain Dr in CA..I read an article that Tennet had retired… DEA and such were after him.. and he was in his 70s… K

Mon, Sep 30 10:12am · Celiac Artery Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

I have an Asending Aortic Aneurysm coming out of the heart… every year I go in for a CT scan and they measure it.. I has remained the same for 15 yrs .. the Cardiologist said, maybe its been that size your whole life… but now we watch every 2 yrs… I am 82.. Good luck .. keep your blood pressure down.. Ken

Sat, Sep 28 9:56am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Since that drug is to aid in stomach emptying I would think that since you only take 2…a day.. that you should consider taking the doses 12 hours apart …taking one an hour before bed (getting more horizontal).. and then 12 hours later when you have something in your stomach. . look up the half life of the drug ., I think I read it was 7.5 hours. But check with your pharmacist or doctor… Doctors in US have little experience with it…

Fri, Sep 27 8:51am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Glad things are going well… happy sailing..k

Fri, Sep 27 8:50am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

I don't take that… My Radiologist friend in Sweden advised against it.. as my Iowa GI prescribed it . That's one of the reasons I went to Mayo MM

Fri, Sep 27 1:50am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Are you home? Is it partially digested food that comes up in the esophagus? Eat less each meal but eat more often…stay vertical after eating..

Sun, Sep 22 3:33pm · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Did you get a second opinion from some reputable GI NOT connected with the surgeon?