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3 days ago · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Pain Dr in CA..I read an article that Tennet had retired… DEA and such were after him.. and he was in his 70s… K

3 days ago · Spinal Fusion: Upcoming surgery, what was your experience, any tips? in Spine Health

I've had L4, L5, S1 fusion nearly 25 years ago in Oklahoma City By an excellent Spinal surgeon…the 2 plates and 6 screws are still with me and causing no problems.. they took bone material from my hip to pack around the fusion to make it solid..they cleaned up all sorts of other possible problems..so I am 82..and get around very well…much better than most of my peers. That Surgeon helped me with 2 other problems in non surgical manner..(cervical and cubital tunnel syndrome). The original surgery was done to remedy an accident in which the L5 was pushed partially out of the stack… Get a very good Surgeon… check the team out.. good luck

Sat, Jan 11 11:39am · Question about Laxatives in Digestive Health

@cindiwass …hour and a half away from good hospital. .. that's not good…you should look for a nutritionist who has experience dealing with those with Gastropaneisis…few folks understand the way it affects your life throughout the day. .

Thu, Jan 9 12:08pm · Question about Laxatives in Digestive Health

No, I didn't realize the failure statistics before I took that option. . It's all about how one eats.. be very slow, have a distraction like a conversation or reading something…chew very well, gluttony is a very bad deal…keep meals small… don't get prone after eating for at least 2 hours…carry some bloating remedy…I use Papaya Enzyme pills if I feel bloated…there is a foam that sometimes forms in the stomach….I can vomit that out easily… Eating is necessary but a challenge… enjoy the other parts of life.. avoid carbonated beverages..

Wed, Jan 8 10:40pm · Question about Laxatives in Digestive Health

I certainly know what caused the Gastropaneisis…I had a "Nissen" to reduce the problems I was having with GERD…the surgery I had in Iowa injured some of the nerves that cause the stomach to empty.. Mayo diagnosed what happened the first morning I was there…post operative Gastropaneisis…. My Mayo Minnesota GI doc said about 1 in 6 of those Nissen surgeries fail… it's a life changing event..no fix.. just learning to cope with it…

Sun, Jan 5 11:19am · Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis? in Digestive Health

I don't have fibromyalgia.. I don't take any meds for it…I do take the genaric Nexium.. (Magnesium… something)..

Sat, Jan 4 10:25pm · LINX procedure in Digestive Health

As it was explained to me, the nerves that control stomach emptying are like a hairnet… when some are damaged they cannot be repaired, transplanted or fixed…you have to hope not too many were damaged. When Mayo gave me a test to time stomach emptying, they gave me a prescribed time (around 10 minutes) to eat this standard breakfast…(everyone taking this test gets the same identical amount of the same food.).. people who don't have an injured stomach can eat this meal too, ( the food has a little radioactive tracer in it) so right after you eat they take an x-ray…then every hour for 3 hours they take another x-ray…that way they can see how long it takes for your stomach to empty compared to a normal uninjured person. As I recall, I couldn't get all the standard breakfast down… And it still took 3 hours to empty.. One must remember that gravity also helps empty your stomach…but you have to follow their recommendations at first and slowly see what else you can handle without it coming back up…or making you feel bloated.. having foam form… One feels best with an empty stomach, but you know that you must eat so much food to sustain your health and life… So learning to cope is a big deal. Mayo even prescribed Mirtazapine pill for me that makes me think that I enjoy or want to eat.. Soups Stews, things with sauces…and Pizza once a week … with plenty of ice cream is a favorite.. Snacks and frequent small meals are essential.. good luck.. I still have fun… ken

Sat, Jan 4 12:47pm · Question about Laxatives in Digestive Health

I'm 82. .. with Gastropaneisis.. I take an over the counter Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotic that my Primary care physician recommended when antibiotics were prescribed.. that helps a great deal.. At a chain drug store I buy a box of 50 for about $25…I have finished the antibiotics a while ago but I still take the Probiotic because it really works for me … Without the harsher pills and suppositories…