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Fri, Jan 3 6:53pm · Hard of Hearing and Going to the Movies: How do you deal with it? in Hearing Loss

I don't go. They crank the volume up to ear damaging levels, and I don't want to lose any more of my hearing.

When they come out on Netflix or Redbox I can watch them at home with captions.

Oct 3, 2019 · Help: Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) - very scary in Hearing Loss

What I learned is there are over 2 dozen causes of SSHL and you may be affected by one of the uncommon ones. Get another doctor's opinion. And another's. Choose ear specialists and don't quit until you find the cause.

It could be something as simple as an allergic reaction to dust mites.


Aug 28, 2019 · Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you? in Hearing Loss

A couple of articles on Taurine for control of tinnitus:



It's inexpensive, less than 15 cents a day if you take the recommended 3,000mg (3g) per day.

It works gradually but after a year or so, my tinnitus is probably 99% better – I actually have more quiet days than noise days, and on those noise days they are a mere fraction of what they were.

Taurine is considered safe, but it's always wise to check with your medical provider first. Everybody is different and some things interact with others. I'm not a medical pro, so I can't and don't make medical advice – I just tell what works for me and report what I read in the media.


Aug 28, 2019 · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

$10 for 180 capsules here https://www.vitacost.com/vitacost-l-taurine

If I did the math right it's less than 16 cents per day.

I haven't tried this brand at Amazon but it's even cheaper:


If I did the math right it's less than 12 cents per day.

Remember, they work gradually. A year later and it went from hissing at best to wailing at worse and it's now quiet at best and hissing at worst.

I take two on an empty stomach with a glass of water when I wake up, and another sometime in the afternoon. I don't know if that's the best way or not, it's just the easiest for me.

I probably found out about Taurine in this article https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2013/6/The-Forgotten-Longevity-Benefits-of-Taurine/Page-01

And from the NIH https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2997922/ which is where I always end up because they are papers published in peer reviewed medical journals. Not that it makes them iron-clad, but it's the best source available IMHO.


Aug 28, 2019 · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

Sadly for me it's "When I can afford to". Personally I think these helpful devices are way too expensive for many of the people who need them most.

Aug 27, 2019 · Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you? in Hearing Loss

Cows in the USA and Canada are A1 and A1 cows have a mutation in one of the amino acids.Instead of that AA being proline, it's histidine which turns to histamine in your digestive tract. Many people have reactions to that and the responses are different with different people. My wife gets black eyes, some get indigestion, some get headaches, the list goes on. I don't know if it aggravates tinnitus, but if domestic cheese does I'd give it a try.

Europe, Australia, and Africa have predominantly A2 cows, which have the proline AA. Canada is slowly phasing out A1 cows.

I found this by accident. My wife has had a problem with dairy for decades. Black eyes – looking like I beat her (something I would never do, she's my best buddy). We took a 5 week vacation in Australia, and she said "Damn the torpedoes, I'm going to eat cheese and if I have black eyes, these people will never see me again." She ate cheese, put cream in her coffee, and never-ever had the slightest reaction.

I guessed it was the fact that Australia doesn't give artificial growth hormones to their cows (rBGH) so back in the USA I got some organic cheese. Black eyes. Bad guess.

So Google and I became best friends for a few days, and that's when I found out about A1 and A2 milk. Now she can eat cheese as long as it's from Ireland, UK, Europe or Australia and never have a reaction. I'd try African but there is non available.

*** on another subject ***

The best thing that diminished my tinnitus is the amino acid Taurine. I take 3 grams per day.

It happens gradually and I didn't think it was working until I quit.

I bought about 3 months supply on the Internet to avoid shipping fees. When I ran out I didn't get more and in two days I noticed a big increase in the noise. That's when I realized it was gradually diminishing.

I've been taking the Taurine for over a year now, and my tinnitus is about 99% gone. I have more quiet days than tinnitus days (something I never had before taurine) and my occasional noisy days aren't bad at all.

I'm no doctor and can't give medical advice so this is just my experience. Of course you should check with your medical pro before doing anything. I didn't, I read plenty of long term tests with 3g/day and no side effects were noted, so I self-experimented and I have no side effects except for greatly diminished tinnitus.

Aug 26, 2019 · Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you? in Hearing Loss

Try European cheeses. Many people have a sensitivity to A1 milk (USA) and not A2 milk (Europe, Africa, Australia). It seems there is a mutation in one of the amino acids in A1 milk that make it a histidine instead of proline. Histidine turns into histimine which is what some take antihistamines to alleviate. I don't know if it works for tinnitus, but it might be worth a try for you.

Aug 6, 2019 · How do I unsubscribe from a thread? in Just Want to Talk

Either nobody is posting recipes and gratitude today, or a moderator has fixed it for me – if that's the case, thank you very much mr/ms mod – if not I'll try that tip next time.