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Tue, Jul 2 10:10pm · Lung Cancer and Looking to 2019 and Beyond in Lung Cancer

Hi Merry,
Thank you for the quick response. I will try to view it from my tablet, and then move on to my laptop. I'll get it figured out.
My recovery from the surgery was phenomenal. Or so I'm told lol
I'm still having nerve pain but I am only 7 weeks out.
I had a pneumonectomy, removal of the entire right lung. The thoracic surgeon as well as the nurses have all said my recovery has been much better, and quicker than the highest percentage of patients they see with the same surgery.
Today is day 7since chemo and I'm still vomiting. This can't possibly be right. I've lost another 10 lbs this week. I'm down to 94. Unfortunately, it continues in a downward trend, and obviously not something I'm wanting right now.
Carboplatin and Alimta is what I'm getting. The nausea meds aren't working, and even ice chips cause me to vomit. I've taken to sucking on pieces of watermelon for moisture. I can't swallow the pulp unfortunately.
I am not on the minimum MG available for those drugs, although I was lead to believe I would be. I'm getting 700 mg of one, and 500 mg of the other. I know that's not huge, but definitely higher than the minimal.
I have an appointment tomorrow with the thoracic team, and while there will see if I can maybe meet worh someone from oncology. As of right now, this is not something I care to continue. Especially when no one is willing to give you any idea of the time you may be gaining.
Oh, btw, my tumor was large, about the size of a peach and towards the chest wall. At first no lymph nodes involved but after removal, 3 of 30 did have it. Didn't travel though, just in the ones right by the mass. Like it kinda rolled in there. Lazy cells lol
Gosh, I've written a book. My apologies.
On to my tablet!

Tue, Jul 2 10:41am · Lung Cancer and Looking to 2019 and Beyond in Lung Cancer

Hi Merry
Diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on April 10th. Pneumonectomy (right lung). May 9th. Just started adjuvant chemo last Tuesday. They said it was light. It's been brutal for the last 4 days. Enough about me, just wanted to give you a little history.
I was looking forward to reading your blog but I'm not able to access it. Could be my browser but thought I'd check with you first.
Happy Tuesday