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Fri, Oct 4 5:32am · Help for dealing with personality disorder in family member in Mental Health

Several books have helped me understand and care for my daughter: Walking on Eggshells; Let Me Out of Here and The Family Guide to BPD.

Mon, Sep 16 5:37am · Major stressors since October in Mental Health

October 2018 I was t.boned by an elderly man..small concussion and weeks of physical therapy for pain; Nov..a dear friend hit by drunk driver and killed; Dec..daughter suicide attempt resulting in psy hospital over Christmas; Feb….husband fell on bike and broke pelvis; Mar….daughter's grandpa died of suicide; April..3 significant father figures all died; May..daughter in crisis again; June; husband emergency appendectomy for burst appendix; August..daughter's grandma died

I've been in therapy since February..weekly..yet I still struggle soo much with depression. I take my meds, walk daily but crave sugar and junk like I never used to. I continue to mostly enjoy my life and volunteer work but more and more have to really force myself. I'm wondering with this stress for so long now id my psyche, body and spirit have eomehiw been permanantly changed?

Mon, Sep 16 5:19am · Help for dealing with personality disorder in family member in Mental Health

Is the program residential? If so, would you mind passing on the name? I live in Oregon but am willing to go out of state if needed

Mon, Sep 16 5:18am · Help for dealing with personality disorder in family member in Mental Health

So encouraging to see the words "in remiseion". I'm currently looking for a residential program for my daughter along with a new therapist and psychiatrist. Neither has a clue about BPD!!

Mon, Sep 16 5:15am · Help for dealing with personality disorder in family member in Mental Health

My husband and I attended in 2008 when our daughter was just beginning to show signs of what was misdiagnosed as bi.polar. she actually suffers from borderline personality disorder. I plan to take the week family course again

Mon, Sep 16 5:08am · Interstitial Cystitis - I would like to connect with others in Kidney & Bladder

I deal with the curse. My urologist said it's due to my transplanted kidney migrating too close to my bladder which causes the inside walls of the bladder to touch causing the irritation. Before I was diagnosed several years ago I assumed I was suffering from chronic UTIs and took a regular prophylactic low dose anti biotic. I get much better results following the IC diet and taking D- mannose. I've not taken anything for pain in the past. I usually just cancel my day and stay home but not everyone can do that. As an interesting side note…the same foods that exacerbate IC symptoms flare up my rosecea!!

Mon, Jul 8 8:37pm · UTI and Yeast Infections in Kidney & Bladder

Wondering if your cystitis is interstitial bladder cystitis which in that casenyogurt is not a good choice. I've been plagued for several years..over 10. My kidney transplant was 22 years ago. It's migrated close to bladder so bladder walls are toudhing sonetimes which causes the irritation. Any one else experience this?