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Thu, Jul 18 11:12am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Cystoscopy showed bladder all normal. So….. However, I had back pain, and pain in my knees that I thought was worsening arthritis. But, the pain in my back improved about 80 % and the knee pain disappeared totally after I got off the Xarelto.

Thu, Jul 18 9:26am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I probably need to quit posting on this topic. All I know is what I have read and researched. I was on Xarelto for six months before I developed blood in my urine. As soon as I went off the Xarelto – no more blood (visual or in urine test). The cardiologist wanted me to take Eliquis. I read and read so much info online. What I learned is there are two types of strokes, ischemic and hemorrhagic. The ischemic is caused by a blood clot traveling to the brain. The hemorrhagic is caused by bleeding in the brain. Those of us with A-fib are supposed to avoid the ischemic type by taking blood thinners to avoid a clot. However, the 'common' side effects of Eliquis list bleeding in the brain*. To me, that is a hemorrhagic stroke. Supposedly, the ischemic strokes are survivable and people often gain back functions lost to the stroke. The hemorrhagic strokes are 30-60% fatal. And, people surviving them have only a 10-15% likelihood of gaining functions back. In my (uneducated) opinion, this is really a catch-22 and we need better medications with far less critical side effects. In the meantime, the pharmaceutical companies' gross sales annually for just one of these meds is in the Billions (with a B). *The other side effects of Eliquis are bleeding into the stomach, intestines, or eyes.

Wed, Jul 17 8:34am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm so sorry to hear of the problems you have had. I do know that bleeding in the eyes is also listed as a "common" side effect of Eliquis. I hope you continue to do well.

Wed, Jul 3 9:57pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

So, you are saying a clot could form elsewhere in the body and move to the heart, even with the implanted watchman?

Wed, Jul 3 9:39pm · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have been on Sotalol for about nine months. It does a good job of keeping blood pressure and heart rate pretty steady. I don't get 'sleepy, tired' but fatigued. A flight of stairs is about all I can handle at times. I was on Toprol before the Sotalol and don't remember having any problems with it. I was switched to the Sotalol after an a-fib episode when my heart rate went up to 225. I've been told you can have episodes and not realize it. I haven't had any that I'm aware of since then. Is anyone in a similar situation and not on a blood thinner?

Sun, Jun 30 8:58pm · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm really not sure. I had to dig to find out the types of bleeding that were common. Mostly, they just said 'bleeding'. I suppose it could be as minor as bloodshot eyes, or as severe as blindness, similar to that caused by diabetes….diabetic retinopathy (is that the correct term?) I find any type of internal bleeding frightening, especially bleeding into the brain, as mentioned. Isn't bleeding into the brain as severe as a stroke?

Sun, Jun 30 5:07pm · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am on Sotalol to control blood pressure and heart rate. It seems to be working but I am tired and week all the time. I thought with more movement and exercise, I'd feel better, but it hasn't helped. I was on Xarelto until I developed blood in my urine. Thought it might be a kidney problem, but when the Xarelto stopped, the blood also disappeared. Kidneys okay. Now, the doctor wants to put me on Eliquis. I'm truthfully really scared of it. The "Common" side effects include bleeding – in the stomach, intestines, brain, or eyes. I know also, that once on it, you shouldn't stop for fear of blood clots. I really don't want to be on any blood thinners. Still hoping for more natural solution. Anyone else have experience with this?

Sun, Jun 30 4:55pm · apple watch in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Yes, and I compared my ECG from the watch to the one in my cardiologist's office and they were remarkably close.