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Sun, Jul 7 4:12pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Yes i thought of several stomach infections but then i saw i no longer had bouts of diarrhea and now i just get stools 2 times a day but the consistency is still loose and that's what bothers me but it seemed like it iss way better now than it used to be. I felt like it might be an after effect of any infection but not sure about it. Thank you for the advice

Thu, Jul 4 10:05pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Ofcourse, thanks btw.

Thu, Jul 4 8:38pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

I didnt expect that parasites could last this longer. Maybe i should get checked then.

Thu, Jul 4 8:12pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

I travelled to an asian country and i know they are not the most hygienic. I started having diarrhea after i ate something from a restaurant as far as i remember and then i consulted the doctor and took meds. I got fine after medication but i started having loose stools again after 3 or 4 days. I dont remember exactly all of it as it was way back but i think it all started because of water or the food. My bowels were so normal before and i never thought i would suffer from something like this. I feel i get depressed at times and i having been very stressed since after i travelled due to some personal issues and also am scared to get myself tested as something could go wrong.But i see that my loose stools have subsided gradually and i have 2 or sometimes 3 stools per day but the urgency makes it annoying.People say i might have some parasitic infections as it is a developing country.But do they even last that long like for 2 to 3 years?

Thu, Jul 4 4:54pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Thank you for the info.
I wanted to get an opinion on this because my loose stools which happened after travelling is making me dig deeper about stuff and making me anxious.

Sun, Jun 30 5:59pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Yeah well, thank you again

Sun, Jun 30 4:44pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

And yeah i was so worried i thought i might have any type of STD that is causing loose stools but that thing is i have never been involved in sexual activities, am aware that sounds stupid but could that ever happen in my case? The stress is making me think about unnecessary stuff.

Sun, Jun 30 2:37pm · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Yes i will definitely try. Thanks again