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Fri, Aug 2 3:25pm · Caregiver Resources in Caregivers

Thanks for the info. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the Connect messages alto they are helpful as well as heart breaking.
I've asked to unsubscribe because Inbox is getting overloaded. But I'm still getting them.
Can you help me? Thanks!
Pat Maliska (leeandpat)

Thu, Jul 25 2:16pm · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

I'm getting at least a dozen of these emails a day, and need to unsubscribe as they're overloading my inbox. I really appreciate the support and caring fellow caregivers, but need to unsubscribe for now. Bless you. Pat

Thu, Jul 18 8:00am · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

I like that "there's no way to prepare for emergencies". All you can do is prepare the best you can and leave the rest in God's hands. He knows what's ahead around the corner and will be there for you if you'll ask Him and trust His care and love for you.

Thu, Jul 18 12:14am · Caring for Mother: She doesn't trust my care. Suggestions? in Caregivers

Thankfully, I've never had a kidney stone, but i take Cranberry capsules now for frequent UTI's which are no longer a problem. I decided to take the capsules so that I wouldn't have drink so much sugary cranberry juice.

Sat, Jul 13 6:12pm · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

We live in a fairly small resort town in the mts. with only a SNF at the hospital and no day care centers. The nearest big city is about 30 miles away. We do have lots of Caregiving Agencies available as a last resort. My husband is still physically in good health, rides his bike and skiied until last winter, but can't follow simple directions, answer the phone, etc, so he can't be much physical help as he needs supervision-min. assist with most of this ADL's. I'm sure it will all work out but it's taking lots of planning and coodination. Thankfully, I'm a retired physical therapist so this isn't totally new to me. I'm just used to being on the other end of this issue of home care, and on the east coast, not CA.

Sat, Jul 13 2:53pm · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Thanks for the info. We live in the mts. away from services such as that . My mom had good support from a Catholic agency in Ohio but I can't remember the name.

No. Medicare only sends out caregivers a couple hours a week post-op and then only if there are also skilled services provided by an RN or PT who determine the need. I'll be needing around the clock help for the first few days or weeks. My son and his wife are planning to help for a day or 2.

Sat, Jul 13 11:57am · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Dear Ginger and Vicky,
I am applying to the CA ALZ association for $ help with respite for caregivers through a grant and have the name of several caregiving agencies. I have friends who can help out during the day, but will we'll probably need overnight help. Lee has had a problem with incontinence the past 2 nights, so he's going to require a little more care than I'll probably be unable to give him for a few days. I'm canceling several appointments and social engagements as I have enough to keep me busy now including 3 pre-op doctor, labs appointments, etc.-one is almost 1 1/2 hours away. That's not too much of a problem since I can drive-now. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for listening! 🙂 Pat

Sat, Jul 13 2:39am · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Love that, "I was just trying to help". I'm also learning that my tone of voice makes a big difference too. I need to speak softly when he or I am frustrated or in a hurry. Everything takes so much longer now, so I need to give us extra time to get ready to go somewhere, etc.
My dilemma tonight is asking for wisdom and help for both my husband's and my care during my recovery from a total knee replacement in 10 days that I just found out about this AM. My son will be able to take care of my husband who has ALZ during the first day while I'm in the hospital and that night, but his wife will probably be working and only have a day or so to stay with us. A friend who just had the same surgery is needing round the clock care and I may need to hire a caregiver for both of us. Friends are offering to help but can't stay with us day and night.