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Jun 20, 2019 · Severe metal allergy to titanium, nickel need joint replacement in Joint Replacements

I have a known titanium allergy, doctor diagnosed who also advised I have my metal tooth fillings removed, which I did. With my knee, it went from no issues to suddenly needing a TRK starting in April. I also have a promixal tibial stress fracture with bone marrow involvement, according to the MRI. I am bone on bone with bone spurs and am still on crutches and my life is in shambles. I am sofa bound. I’m also getting all out of alignment since I’m trying to deal with not using my right knee at all. (Aside from the 9/10 pain, it’s like it doesn’t work any more).

My understanding is in the US, there is no 100% metal free implant. I’m looking into stem cell procedures. I refuse currently to get an implant with metal since I believe it would open the portal to hell.

Any ideas?