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Tue, Mar 17 4:10pm · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

I needed that laugh 😂 thank you! I find laughter is truly the best medicine.

Tue, Mar 17 2:35pm · Mayo Clinic: Thank you in COVID-19

Although, I can appreciate your concern I came to my Mayo Clinic Connect account for good vibes, positivity, and education from sources I trust. I am concerned, especially of the unknown, like I said I appreciate your concern, but please reserve this space for learning & healing, together. I truly believe harsh action is intended to help. We have been advised as to what we should/shouldn’t do to help ease the situation. I do not believe action is intended to punish people or hurt our economy. We have to look at things in which we have control over, and those we don’t. We all need to help each other in a time like this & allow our faith to be stronger than our fears. Both are powerful, & drive us to decision making, but faith & compassion will see us through. Thank you in advance, for understanding this is intended only to help, not hurt or cause hard feelings. Sending good vibes your way!

Tue, Mar 17 2:16pm · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

I love this idea, and thank you! It is difficult not to keep an eye on things, and in doing so creates worry in humans (because we are so smart!). What a great way to take a break, do something good for yourself, and then pass the joy onto someone else. I also love taking pictures! Springtime brings growth to so many beautiful things & My favorite time of year. Thank you for your gracious suggestions, I will post a picture later for this good cause, but now I will leave you with one of my favorite sayings…..
No grit, no pearl 😃

Tue, Mar 17 12:48pm · Mayo Clinic: Thank you in COVID-19

You always continue to amaze! & yes, you are right, we can all do this!

Tue, Mar 17 12:34pm · Mayo Clinic: Thank you in COVID-19

Just want to thank Mayo for all that you do on a regular basis, but especially in times of uncertainty. You have given me a sense of reassurance that everything will be okay. Thank you for Mayo Clinic Connect for bringing us together in a time where many feel alone. I just love having Mayo as part of my family & am thankful for each and every one of you. Nothing is too big or small. You guys are awesome & keep up the great work! ❤️

Sep 23, 2019 · Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma: Having Vision Issues, Doing Radiation in Brain Tumor

Thank you so much! I just completed 28 days of fractionated radiotherapy. No improvement yet, but my fingers are still crossed. The Drs seem to think there is a small possibility, but not likely, that my eyesight will come back. Thanks so much for the balance article. It is so well written, like an instruction manual. Will definitely be trying this out. So thankful for people like you & this wonderful resource!

Sep 6, 2019 · Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma: Having Vision Issues, Doing Radiation in Brain Tumor

Hey guys! I am 37 years old & was recently diagnosed with an optic nerve sheath Meningioma. In a matter of three years I have lost all vision in my right eye. Most would think, as I did, you have 2 eyes- you’ll be okay with just one & boy was I wrong. My life has changed drastically! Between no longer driving at night (or in the rain) & the balance and double vision issues, I have slowed down a lot!
I am currently at the half way mark of my radiation vacation at Mayo in Jacksonville & I have a wonderful team taking care of me & couldn’t ask for any better. ❤️
I am interested to see if any of you treated with radiation, with vision issues, regained any of your sight?