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Mon, Apr 20 9:50am · Depression and cancer diagnosis in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hello Colleen hope you are doing well. I haven’t confirmed my scan appointments for May as of yet. I will do so in the coming weeks. I try not to think about my scans until the time comes closer but I do think about how to better prepare. The anxiety that occurs is my fear of the “unknown”. Now with the virus that has plagued the world this fear of the unknown has taken on a new dimension or depth. There so much “unknown” out there and an entire world is in its grip. I am now a “displaced” worker. My department at the hospital where I work was greatly affected by the virus epidemic. I now scrounge around for various “other” work. I am not working full time at present. But I am in good company a nation and world of displaced workers. I haven’t lost my job I am happy about that. I may take on a part time job. I feel well physically. I am taking one day at a time. It’s all a matter of “perspective”.

Sun, Apr 19 1:50pm · Depression and cancer diagnosis in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hello Colleen thank you for asking about me. My scans in late February 2020 were clean. No Mets which of course was great news. I did not do so well in terms of the “scan anxiety” at all. I had the chest CT first and I almost had a panic attack. I dreaded the scan even though it was a short scan. I see a psychiatrist and she prescribed Lorazepam to take. I took the drug prior to the MRI, abd/ pelvis which was a week later. My experience was better, not great but tolerable. At present I am doing well psychologically. Next scans due late May. The virus of course is awful but I am managing. I met a man and I have been dating him. I haven’t told about my RCC, nephrectomy, don’t see a need to. This May will mark my one year anniversary. I am far better than I was a year ago but I take things one day at a time and I am happy each day that I am cancer free and virus free. A new perspective is in place and I am learning more tolerance and patience. Best wishes to all!

Tue, Feb 4 11:06am · Living in the present and actions to reduce anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hello I suffer from anxiety and I have anger issues I but I punish myself. I like what you write about living “the day” and not worrying so much about the future. I worry about the future and what “might” happen. It can be disabling. I had a cancer diagnosis May 2019 and I find I am anxious and angry all the time now. Thank you for your post!

Sat, Jan 11 3:15pm · Insomnia, depression, anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you I will keep trying ways to get better longer sleep.

Sat, Jan 11 3:13pm · Insomnia, depression, anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I am trying everything. I will make my bed room darker and I have a fan for white noise it helps some people. My psychiatrist has a sleep regimen that I am working on. I haven’t started on sleep meds like Seroquel etc because I would like to sleep on my own. I also have a mind I can’t shut off! I am not “at ease” any more. It stems from my cancer diagnosis, my nephrectomy, the scans, scanxiety, the doctor appointments, the “surveillance”, it’s a cycle that will repeat. I realize it happens to others. I didn’t realize so many others have issues with insomnia my psychiatrist told me it’s a big issue! I average 5-6 hours of straight sleep sometimes less,never more. My PCP told me a drugged sleep isn’t a restful one. I told him he probably doesn’t have full time insomnia! My psychiatrist wants me try more natural ways before we go on to drugs. Well at least I am in good company. Thank you Ginger for your input.😊

Sat, Jan 11 5:43am · Insomnia, depression, anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

So here I am it’s 4 am I have been awake since 3 am I often wake up. I can’t go back to sleep. I can’t text my friends I could be they would ask why I was texting so early. I tried my usual sleepy time tea, Clonazepam, deep breathing etc etc and I still wake up! I remember when I was I in the hospital I would call the nurse and I would have morphine injected into my IV port and that would help me sleep. I can’t have morphine. OxyContin also made me sleepy. Can’t have that anymore I ran out. It would be so nice if I could get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Maybe someday.

Sun, Jan 5 11:10am · Frequency of scans for RCC under surveillance in Kidney & Bladder

Ginger, the specialist at the Mayo Clinic said 3 months for scans. The oncologist I see in my city told me scans every 4 months because he doesn’t want it “fry” me. I didn’t appreciate his remark, I think it was an attempt at humor. I ask why not scans every 6 months? No one knows when or where the cancer may or may not strike. I will have the scans. I just dread it. The surveillance game is just another difficult aspect of life as a cancer patient. The scans and blood work and appointments with physicians all part of the “package”. It’s getting old quick and I just started. I don’t see a nephrologist. I was told I don’t need one. I have the urologic surgeon, the oncologist, my PCP, my new doctor a psychiatrist, lastly I will keep the RCC oncologist from Mayo as my go to person. I am seriously thinking of moving to the city where this doctor lives. It’s a 2 hour drive from me. Thanks for checking on me Ginger.

Sat, Jan 4 8:53pm · Frequency of scans for RCC under surveillance in Kidney & Bladder

7 months ago I had a right nephrectomy for RCC. I am stage 3 grade 2 no Mets. A RCC oncologist in another city recommended MRI abd/ pelvis and chest CT every 3 months. My oncologist in the city where I live recommends scans every 4 months. I ask why can’t I have scans every 6 months? My tumor was mostly grade 1 with less than 5 % grade 2. I was told my tumor took a long time to form. Wouldn’t Mets take time to form? The body kills off cancer cells why can’t I count on my immune system to kill off Mets? All the oncologists I have seen, there were four of them, tell me I have a higher chance of cancer recurrence because of my tumor size and because the tumor was in the Renal vein and surrounding renal fat. My adrenal gland and lymph nodes were negative. My October 2019 scans were clear no evidence of cancer. My surgeon told me the tumor was all in the lower pole of my kidney and he saw no evidence of Mets. I was told by the oncologist micromets are the issue. I want to do want is best for me without subjecting myself to excessive scans.