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Thu, Jun 6 8:12pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I was prescribed metoprolol, years ago at least 15, due to pvc's. Which at the time wasn't known why I was having them. Few years later I was diagnosed with panic/anxiety. Which I think was the cause of my racing heart. I also take vasotec for high BP. But that is not why I was prescribed metoprolol.
Lately my BP has been running low so I decided on my own to slowly taper off metoprolol. I was on 50mg and have cut down to 25mg that I will maintain for about 2weeks then half it again. I've done this with several meds I've weaned off of. But I have developed a fast heart beat, after a few days at this mg. Is this normal when weaning off this drug?