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Thu, Jul 4 2:34pm · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@sueinmn – thank you so much for sharing the video links and for your kind response. I’m learning so much more from these videos especially the preventative advice on NTM.
My CT scan has not shown any bronchiectasis yet but I’m still coughing with phlegm and I have repeat +ve sputum cultures for Chimaera.
I’m doing airways clearance and my consultant is not rushing into the antibiotics treatments.
It is so good to learn about this specific subject from many of you on this site. I live in London and although there are lots of info on bronchiectasis and COPDs etc. on the UK site I could not find many talking about specific mycobacterium infections.
Hoping you are all having good days. Best wishes and Many thanks.

Fri, Jun 14 5:36am · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thanks Shari, that’s why this forum is so useful to gain knowledge and I’m so thankful to chat to you guys. It gives me more insight and ‘courage’ to deal with this bugbear, excuse the pun!
3 out of my four sputum samples showed +ve for the bug although my CT scan does not show evidence of this infection. I’m waiting to hear from the specialist end of this month and will find out what treatment if any will be suggested. It’s a slow growing bacterium and as my CT scan shows no lung damage yet I hope to get as much info as I can for the next steps. Thanks again for your info and support.

Fri, Jun 14 5:19am · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I did not have bronchoscopy. 3 out of my four sputum samples showed +ve for M. Chimaera although the consultant said there is no evidence of the bug or damage on my lungs in my CT scan.
Yes, I was on regular steroid inhalers since last Nov but have stopped now. Originally my gp thought it was to do with my asthma and suggested I should use the steroid inhaler regularly but I have read a study that these could trigger the non tuberculous mycobacterium.
I’m due to see a respiratory physio next week so I can learn about airway clearance.
Good to hear you are symptom free. Best of luck to you too. Thanks.

Thu, Jun 13 6:41pm · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Ethan, thank you once again for your info. I won’t know about the meds yet until I have my next appointment with the specialist.
The links you sent from the fellow connect users are very useful personal insight. It will help me being aware and hopefully be more prepared.
Really appreciate your support. Thanks.

Wed, Jun 12 5:58pm · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Dulwich, thank you for your response. Please do let me know how you get on from your end and I will update as well as I know more. Many thanks.

Wed, Jun 12 4:11pm · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Ethan, thank you for your reply.
No, I have not had any heart surgery. I agree with you as so far all my research only point to post heart surgery contamination.
I don’t know how I managed to get this bug. I have been fairly healthy. Apart from a mild asthma which has been under control for many years I have had some chest infections in the past but nothing that a course of antibiotics can’t clear.
This time however I have had this cough since Nov 2018 and a course of antibiotics and 2 lots of steroids have not changed anything. I have most of the symptoms associated with this bug – persistent cough, lots of phlegm, weight loss, some night sweats, fatigue etc.
I’m seeing the specialist at the end of the month. She has indicated that I may have to go on the 3 antibiotics for some 18 months! Is that what has been referred to here as the big 3? I am concerned about the side effects.
Thanks for listening.

Wed, Jun 12 2:35am · M. Chimaera in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, I’m new on this site and have recently found that my tests show +ve for Mycobacterium Chimaera. Has anyone here had the same bug infection? Just wondering if you might share your experience, treatments and the management of these.
Thank you for a good forum and I enjoy the chat and good tips.
Hope you are all keeping well and staying on top of things. Thanks.