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Sun, Oct 20 5:25am · Nocturnal Leg Cramps - Help! in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Does anyone have a suggestion to help deal with foot/ankle/leg cramps in the middle of the night? I take plenty of calcium and magnesium and am thinking that I need to increase my potassium intake. Topical lotions (Theraworx, Tiger Balm, etc.) have not helped. I hope this is a good day for whoever is reading this! Sue

Tue, Oct 8 12:45pm · SI Joint injections in Spine Health

Hi Pines – You're still doing some gardening! Good for you. I had to give that up years ago and truly miss it. Oh well, we all make adaptations to our activities. I had L4-5 disc removed at 26 when it ruptured. I had pretty good years thereafter with a few exacerbations. I've always been an athlete and have exercised in one form or another daily. Now, it is pretty much just walking; however, I love to walk and it helps to keep my body, mind, and soul nourished. Over the past year, I've gone from a walk of 45 minutes/day to not walking. I hope after the injection tomorrow, I can rebuild my strength and get back to walking. Of course, at this age, we never get back to where we were but rather create a new normal. It is difficult to have such limitations because of my body… it used to do whatever I wanted it to! But I just want to be the best that I can be and gain as much function as possible. So, I, and I think we all, have to be positive and optimistic as we explore what options we have available to us. But we must be vigilant and aggressive with the medical community, because ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves. I hope this is a good day! Sue

Sat, Oct 5 12:41pm · SI Joint injections in Spine Health

Hi Mickeyb2 – Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had forgotten about tai chi, but think I'll grab a YouTube and get back into it after my si joint injection on Wednesday. I know being active helps – physically, mentally, and spiritually – but the last few days, I have not been able to do anything other than get around and go to the store. I have always exercised, and at 73, look and feel great…. it's just these annoying issues that I have to deal with! Hope this is a good day for you, Sue

Fri, Oct 4 8:59am · SI Joint injections in Spine Health

Does anyone have experience with SI Joint Injections? I have spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, and 73 years of wear and tear on my back. I usually do pretty well and am able to walk every day and keep up with strengthening and weight bearing exercises. I’ve had an SI injection previously and it helped for quite a while. I’m not sure the “regular” injection will work and wonder what are other options going forward. I have tried to take Tramadol when the pain is really bad; however, it makes me nauseous. Does anyone have a suggestion about other pain meds that are effective but without the side effects? I hope this is a good day for each of you! Sue

Sun, Sep 8 12:03pm · Vision Therapy helping anyone? in Eye Conditions

Has anyone received visual therapy for their eye issues? I have recently developed diplopia and also am (successfully) dealing with CRVO. After searching hard in my community of Jacksonville, FL, I finally ended up with a low vision specialist OD. How wonderful to know these professionals exist! Part of her practice is a vision therapist on staff. I've only had two appts – 16 planned – but am amazed at the work we are doing. In addition to the weekly hour long sessions, I do a lot of eye exercises at home. It is reprogramming the brain and eye to work together, or to work together differently. The therapist said that she has had a lot of success working with diplopia pts. VT is not accredited like PT and OT, so it is therefore not reimbursed; however, if I can restore some or more of my vision, it is well worth the out-of-pocket cost. I'll keep you posted on my progress, but let me know if you've had any experiences with vision therapy. Light to you! Sue

Thu, Aug 8 9:16am · Does anyone have a stitch in her eye? in Eye Conditions

After Tube Shunt surgery for glaucoma in December, 2018, the doc placed several sutures in my eye. He removed all but one shortly thereafter. The one that remains, is because to remove it could cause a serious drop in IO pressure and "deflate" the eyeball. Yes, I can see it at the right angle, but it is not visible otherwise. However, I can feel it. It is not so much painful as it is a sensation. If I'm tired I notice it more, and my vision seems a bit more blurry. However, I am almost always aware of it unless I am otherwise engaged thoroughly in something. I have diplopia as a result of the surgery and am still adjusting to that.

Has anyone had Tube Shunt surgery? What were your results? Any diplopia? And if you have a stitch in your eye, for any reason, can you feel it? All thoughts and comments welcome. Regards, Sue

Thu, Aug 8 8:57am · Retinal Vein Occlusion in Eye Conditions

I am so happy to hear that you are progressing well. Why is it that you do not need the shots? This is all new to me and I'm trying to understand while coping. Right now, the coping seems to be winning the fight for my time. Sigh. While my CRVO appears to be progressing in the right direction (see the doc for another shot in 2 weeks), my diplopia continues to wrestle with my life. I am pretty dogged and determined when it comes to matters of health, and I have continued to search and find helpful resources. However, I have had to DIG. None of my docs was able to suggest community resources. I am fortunate to live in JAX, FL where there are many resources, and I have worked with an excellent optometrist who specializes in low vision. She has referred me to another low vision specialist for some exercises to work with the muscles. Getting some occupational therapy to help with ADLs is a possibility. We have to keep working and take responsibility for our own health. Happy day to everyone! Sue

Tue, Jul 23 12:03pm · Retinal Vein Occlusion in Eye Conditions

I am very happy to report that after only one injection for CRVO, my far vision is 20/20! down from 20/100 at my appt last month. I did have another injection yesterday, Avastin, and will have a third in another month. We will then determine the need for future injections and frequency. I am blessed! I am a huge believer in affirmations, and found these two helpful: "I willingly forgive. I breathe life into my vision and see with compassion and understanding." "I see with love and tenderness." I hope this finds all my Connect friends well. Sue