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1 day ago · Suicide: Finding it hard to lose someone by suicide in Loss & Grief

Does the treatment have side effects?

1 day ago · Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, I can relate. I am Married to a Passive Aggressive "THEY ARE NEVER WRONG" He speaks for me, thinks for me, gas lighting, sneering, and that arrogant enjoyment when I become like a caged animal no where to go. His eyes, like "I gotcha" He is 2 different people. On a good day I asked him to sit with me, he did, I told him he makes me want to end it. He brings back memories of family doing the same to me PTSD. We made a pact [he said he knows what he does it just happens??? will he stop?? There has been no arguments at all, I feel calm better for pain. But, for how long? I said between loosing a very important thing in my life, my independence, and this non-stop pain. Please STOP! We went for Counseling, failed, she won't see him anymore. I hope your situation can be resolved, meet you half way and enjoy your lives as best you can.

1 day ago · pain and discouragement in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, I hope you will be able to stay on the Medication seeing that it helps. My drug Stim. is my pump. I made a mistake, When I had the Stimulator it was in Ambulatory Same Day not a hospital. Even here in NJ, I'm 70 miles from NYC very few Doctors do Pain Pumps. I don't know why? I travel 2 hrs 1 way to have the pump filled once a month. Not bad. For me, I need the pump but I don't want to take pills also anymore taking a toll. May I suggest before procedures that may be offered to you try a little research about it. I wish I had done that.

1 day ago · Experiences with Geriatric ECT in Depression & Anxiety

ice, Kim I replied to you but there was a problem. If you have a chance could you please let me know if your received my response.

2 days ago · Suicide: Finding it hard to lose someone by suicide in Loss & Grief

Hello Sheri, Thank so much for caring means a lot to me. I've struggled all my life PTSD and now pain. There are times you just want to give up because you had enough. I see a Psychologist so thats good! hug

2 days ago · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

Thank You John, I'll see if he responds to my email. When I saw Dr. Tennant's reply I never expected to read about his new book and I hope you feel better. It doesn't seem it came from him? It was uncomfortable and un-important. I won't contact him anymore.

2 days ago · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

Thank You so much Joan, I feel stupid, what is ARC? I just noticed your reply. NORD has been good. I have asked if they would have a Summit in NJ.
I will email again asking about my fax. I was diag. with AA at Johns Hopkins, my pain management dr. said I don't have it. I had a MRI at my request he ordered it and said I don't. I called he Director of Radiology he told me I do but it was not under comments. This is awful. I have so much nerve damage and scaring. My husband told me to let it go he's right but I can't. I wonder if anyone has AA and horrible sweating, Getting worse and worse. Today is a bad day. On the 9th I had surgery, Pelvic reconstruction the way you are positioned for it made spine worse. Something is wrong different and Don't know why. I didn't mean to go off track I can't sit