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Thu, Sep 5 7:35pm · Has anybody had an implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain? in Spine Health

Yes, I had a Medtronic MRI compatible SCS for 13 months and had it removed after I tried at least 100 different settings failed. I had the implant after 2 failed back surgeries and a spinal fusion at the L5-S1. Could never get a signal that would take away ANY amount of pain over the 13 months. Was diagnosed with CRPS after fusion surgery and have been battling intense 24/7 pain ever since. I just live one day at a time.
I found MFR and has been very helpful in releasing the fascia from all the scar tissue that’s developed since. I have a weekly MFR session that has done wonders for me a little at a time, and will be going to Therapy on the Rocks in Nov for their intensive therapy program. Wish me luck.

Thu, Sep 5 3:22pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Thanks for an uplifting post to stay positive and keep fighting. I have to remind myself that I too will have good days and bad. I try to focus and remember the good days when my day is coming to a close.
I also tell myself – Take it one day at a time so as to not get overwhelmed with our medical issues.
So to all that are fighting- keep up the good fight and fight it one day at a time. Good luck to all.

Fri, Aug 23 7:39pm · Flaming Swords and Fireworks in Neuropathy

It’s great that you are wanting to try MFR. However, in my opinion you really need to have a MFR trained therapist to get you started. Rolling on a tennis ball is a great start, but it only a tiny fraction on what MFR is about. The ball is a part of self treatment in conjunction with the MFR therapy to be most effective. I don’t want you to feel disappointed or letdown by trying just the tennis ball as you will not get the full benefit of MFR. Just my opinion and after having been through 9 MFR sessions. I’ve found you need the therapist first, then the self treatment. Good luck either way.

Fri, Aug 23 7:32pm · Reflexology in Neuropathy

Having weekly MFR sessions has given me a new outlook on life with how it’s helped with my back and nerve issues. I look forward to having them weekly.
Good luck

Tue, Aug 20 3:42pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

Take it one day at a time. Make the the best of the time when you are feeling ‘ok’. Good luck and realize that you are not alone in this journey to find pain relief.

Tue, Aug 20 10:46am · Acupuncture helpful for PN? in Neuropathy

I too tried acupuncture 4 times for back pain, and felt relief for that day. I woke up the next day same pain as usual everyday. So I too never went back.

Mon, Aug 19 12:21am · CRPS in Chronic Pain


Sun, Aug 18 12:12pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Nice photos ! Relaxing I’m sure.
Thanks for your suggestions and guidance for all of us dealing with various forms of chronic pain. You really are an inspiration with your positive attitude and always researching for others for treatment that might help.
Keep up the great work- to you and the other moderators as well.