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May 29, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I had an ACDF surgery in 2014 Level C5-C7, after the surgery I had some improvement, at least the headaches almost went away, but I star having flaring nerve stabbing pain in my legs, my left side was not strong and I have more difficulties to do anything ( until now), Then I start having stabbing pain in the area where I had the surgery, plus tingling and burning sensation in my back and as well in my legs. Because of the pain in my neck, I was recommended to have a breast reduction surgery so I did the last year 2018, it helps in some way, but I have to mention that before the surgery my left arm lost considerable strength and my elbow was hurting in both arms. So, two months after the surgery, my both hand start getting nums and hurting, no strength enough to lift a cup of coffee or open a water bottle, every night my hands are numb, and my fingers aching and stabbing pain in the palm of my hands and my middle finger swells up with enough pain and my arm got weaker than before. I have the same symptoms in my feet and my neck hurts some days that I can't do much and the titanium plate and/or screws, causes pressure in my throat and hurt and it is hard to talk I went through many MRI, CT scans, RX and my surgeon said everything is ok. I'm living or I should say; I'm not living because the pain makes me miserable and I can not have a normal life and I feel afraid to get paralyzed because of nerve damage I don't what to do. I hope every one of you all stays better today than yesterday and tomorrow better than today, a blessing for you all. And Please some advises it will help…