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Thu, Dec 5 3:52pm · Reverse Shoulder Replacement: Post-surgery mobility in Joint Replacements

I had a reverse shoulder replacement in mid-July. I was told not to attempt to put the arm behind my back by a PT. Doing so was not on the list/pictures of what my post surgical rehab entailed. I would also advise NOT to stretch too far once rehab is done. Once I could drive. I pulled into a lot and realized something had fallen on the floor. I stretched over the console to pick up what had been on the passenger seat. After that, I developed a clicking in the shoulder (no pain). Eventually the clicks progressed to crunches. Still no pain. Then I had the "earthquake" when the ball came totally our of place. Big pain! Had to have a complete redo of the surgery with all new hardware. Be careful……

Mon, Oct 21 8:27pm · C. diff relapse? in Digestive Health

While I have never experienced a relapse, I did contract it three separate times. Then that was the last of it.

Mon, Oct 21 8:23pm · Tykosyn use in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I just started on it…too soon to tell, but I will post if I notice changes.

Sun, Oct 20 12:11pm · Shoulder replacement: Post-surgery suggestions in Joint Replacements

I recommend a top that buttons as it makes it easier to put on and remove. I think the pain after a week or so is less than rotator repairs, although initially very painful from bone being removed. After six weeks, I felt pretty good, The shoulder is weak and probably takes longer to rehab than rotator repairs. I slept in a recliner for almost 6 weeks.

Tue, Oct 8 3:56pm · Reverse shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Surgery was mid-July. I am working on strength and range of motion.

Wed, Oct 2 8:44am · Keto diet in Chronic Pain

I'm from Wisconsin and have access to hemp CBD oil made in other states. There is a new producer, however, which I intend to try. ALternative Systems LLC is a local hemp grower and Processor in Augusta, Wisconsin. The ad states no "chemicals, no high heat, no gases, no added MCT oils." It is also cold-pressed. It is a "blend of cranberry, sunflower, hemp, and coconut oil." I plan to try the Cherry Wine CBDA. Call 715.210.7675 or research online at or
I have no connection to this producer; I merely saw the ad in a local advertiser. I intend to give it a try.

Sat, Sep 28 9:36am · Reverse shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Surgery was July 15 and no longer wore the brace August 28. Am doing PT at home plus see a PT two or three times.

Wed, Sep 25 7:13am · Reverse shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

This is a reply to Mimi.
I had the surgery mid-July and was in the same boat as you. I took advantage of my County's Aging and Disability office. They can offer Suggestions and provide Meals on Wheels at noon at a reasonablle price. I also contacted Visiting Angels. My angel did everything from helping me shower at first to doing cleaning and laundry etc. She even cleaned the cat's litter box. I put a notice on FB looking for ride help and had responses. Let people know that you need help. The County also may have a ride program. Good luck!