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Wed, May 13 2:57pm · COVID-19 Antibody Tests in Healthy Living

My friend was extremely ill in late January – February. Extreme coughing, fatigue, headaches etc. He never went to the doctor….just isolated himself and tried to work ( not around other people). We just passed it off as the regular flu but now are having second thoughts after learning about Covid. Does he stand a chance of getting an antibody test?

Thu, Apr 30 9:53am · Can pneumonia vaccine prevent pneumonia if you have COVID-19? in COVID-19

Thanks for your comments; I suspected that the shot was ineffective regarding the Corona virus but thought Others might know with more certainty. Darn it!

Wed, Apr 29 7:36pm · Can pneumonia vaccine prevent pneumonia if you have COVID-19? in COVID-19

Will the pneumonia shot prevent someone from getting pneumonia if they develop Covid-19?

Tue, Mar 31 10:40am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

Cruise ship horror stories are still out there. One ship is still looking for a port; no one will take them as of last week. The close quarters of a ship make the spread of disease very likely. Best to take the cruise once the world pandemic is done to really enjoy the cruise and ports of call.

Tue, Mar 31 10:35am · Terrified reading the news. Afraid of getting COVID-19 in COVID-19

Many grocery stores are offering special early morning hours for seniors and the immune-compromised. I was shocked when you said you shopped every day. Try to buy enough to last 2-3 weeks, if possible. I hope you will be ok. Prayers! I, too, fall into the vulnerable category.

Wed, Mar 18 4:19pm · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

I walk on the days that the sun is out.

Wed, Mar 18 4:16pm · COVID-19: It’s time to come together — virtually in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I plan to grocery shop during the early hours just for seniors. Maybe every other week. My son and a friend will pick up what I need in between shopping trips.

Tue, Mar 17 3:12pm · COVID-19: Let's Stick Together Virtually in COVID-19

Since I can’t drive for six weeks after undergoing reverse shoulder replacement surgery, I have learned to be patient when staying home ( except when friends rescued me for an outing.). I’m continuing to stay home to avoid the virus.