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May 28, 2019 · Chronic Upper Abdominal Pain without an answer in Digestive Health

I have had chronic upper abdominal pain (mostly center and to the left) for about a year. It has worsened over the past 4-5 months and includes nausea, and worsening pain after eating/drinking. I often wake up at night with pain that feels like it is gnawing through to my back. I have a history of small bowel Crohn's (unchanged in years), as well as diagnosis of GERD, LPR and Bile reflux disease. I have been on PPI's for two decades without much relief. I had an EGD in 10/2018 and there was dome bile pooling in the stomach and some focal gastritis. I have fatty liver and a small 'cyst' of the pancreatic tail. I keep telling my GI that I feel that there has been a change since last year and requested another EGD (am scheduled for a colo next week). He states there is no reason to repeat the EGD. He wants to put me on Prozac for "Functional Abdominal Pain." All recent labs have been basically negative; MRCP pretty much benign; uncontrasted CT abdomen in 1/2019 negative. Could use some thoughts on this whole situation. Thanks