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Mon, Sep 30 12:51pm · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

I found it made me very agitated / anxious, it messes with your head cos that's how it works educating your brain to Interpret pain differently. I stopped before I got too into it . I was given pregrabelin , but was too scared to take it

Fri, Jul 19 1:57pm · gap between hip replacements in Joint Replacements

Assuming all goes well with my hip replacement how long will it be before I can get the other one replaced

Tue, Jul 16 12:12pm · biceps pain ? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Its actually built up over a number of months. I have major hip and back problems so I tend to sleep in odd positions and Ithink that has caused it, its usually OK if not using it

Mon, Jul 15 6:05pm · biceps pain ? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

The motion of bending and unbending my elbow when using the computer mouse is causing pain between elbow and shoulder, What can I do about it. is there a way of providing support to the muscle

Sat, Jul 13 3:15am · Mouth Taping in Sleep Health

I saw an article on the news Buteyko: Why Indonesia singer Andien sleeps with tape on her mouth, Apparently this is to help you breathe in through your nose rather than your mouth . Isnt this kinda dangerous

Sat, Jul 6 9:07am · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

might not be big enough I am 9 9 and a half male

Thu, Jul 4 10:29am · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

GP says my blood sugar is OK , B12 OK there is nothing to suggest anything amiss there, more likely to be related to pain in back and hips

Thu, Jul 4 8:07am · Burning Feet syndrome in Neuropathy

I am having a lot of trouble with a burning sensation under my feet, the GP has checked my pulses and there is nothing in my blood chemistry to suggest anything wrong there so she is concluding its neural nerve pain. Does this make sense. She wants me to take amyltriptaine ( that's probably not spelt right) will that help ?