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3 days ago · Vibralung Acoustical Percussor in MAC & Bronchiectasis

7% saline helps make you cough if you breathe it thru a nebulizer. Some come with a cup built onto the aerobika that you can attach to a nebulizer and take your saline at the same time they’re great!!

3 days ago · Vibralung Acoustical Percussor in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi poodledoc-Hope you are doing well!! Just FYI I have a nebulizer Cup that is built into My aerobika. You put saline in and then Attach to neb machine. I can do the aerobika nebulizer W/saline along with the aerobika at the same time!!
Also—my pulmonologist has me neb albuterol in my aerobika before I do my aerobika for 15”. He said it was to open Airways and prevent bronchospasm when I use Arikayce. After albuterol I do my Arikayce. Just thought I’d say some things since anything that I can find to save time I really appreciate.! Of course the albuterol isn’t saving time but we wanting meds to work the best They can. Healing thots! Judy

3 days ago · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Barb, a very excellent source of NTM info is

4 days ago · Just found out I have mycobacterium abscessus! in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Pandora! Welcome!! Learning about your disease to advocate for ourselves with Our doctors that May not know all the ins and outs of it. I had abscesses-with sub species “abscesses“ My doctor knew how to treat it specifically.
Abscessus is a tough mycobacterium and I have had several Oral and IV treatments Over last 2 years. I think I may be free of abscesses now—-my doctor knew the treatments For my subspecies and Knowing the culture and its sensitivities ——-that are “so” important to find best antibiotic to use. I was coughing and feeling terrible I feel much better now. The Best to you! Judy

Thu, Sep 10 7:40pm · Mac + lung cavity in MAC & Bronchiectasis

That sounds great!!!!i will get some—thanks!!!

Thu, Sep 10 6:20pm · Mac + lung cavity in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I usually take my nebulizer treatments 15 minutes is that How long everybody else does it???

Wed, Sep 9 3:26pm · Mac + lung cavity in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Irene I like the suggestion of the Italian ice and the ice cream works on my IBS so I can’t eat it but the ice goes down nicely!!

Wed, Sep 9 7:48am · Mac + lung cavity in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thx Heather!! I know what strepsils are but what are the other two (strepfen and neurofen)and how do you get them? They sound like lozenges also. Thanks so much—judy