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May 19, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

Not yet. When I went to see my GP doctor last week, I told him all the symptoms (it was a morning appnt so I wasn’t having the pain at that moment). He listened to my chest with stethoscope and said it was totally clear. He didn’t feel I needed an X-ray or CT scan. When I called his office later, I asked for one to just settle my fears, and he decided to do the blood tests. He also knows Im a bit inclined to having health anxiety – and that my workouts are intense. Overall, he is a pretty attentive doctor and tends to lean on the side of doing a test “just in case” so I assumed I must not be exhibiting dangerous signs. I’m 42 years old, and he’s been my GP for 18 years. I’m thinking of going to see a chiropractor just bc I think the chiro will do the chest X-ray

May 19, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

Does this sound like a strained chest muscle: For the past 4 weeks Ive had a pressing/pinching pain in one small spot on my chest. It doesn’t hurt more when I press on that spot. It’s on my right side, 2 inches from my sternum, and 5 inches below my collarbone. Pain is a dull gnawing pinch. It stops throbbing when I lay down and it doesn’t hurt immediately upon waking. Usually after about 2 hours of going about my day, I begin to feel it, and it intensifies throughout the day. Cardio exertion (riding an exercise bike) does not make it worse. Taking deep breaths does not hurt. Laughing/coughing/sneezing does not hurt. Aleve and Advil relieves the pain. Ice and heating pad help too. I have no shortness of breath, and no chronic cough or fever. Full blood panel and Dimmer (blood clot test) came back normal/fine. I feel fine besides the terrible fear of this chronic chest pinch. Prior to getting the pain I was quite active – taking workout classes with planks and pushups, tricep dips. I had also been lifting the spa cover at my house without help. Could I have strained a pec muscle? I’m terrified it’s a tumor that’s pressing on a nerve.