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May 20, 2019 · Astrocytoma and reoccurring Osteosarcoma in Cancer

Thank you for your comments and advice. Very helpful. Trying to get in front of if possible!

May 20, 2019 · Astrocytoma and reoccurring Osteosarcoma in Cancer

Well he seemed to be dealing rather well with brain tumors. Eating well and exercising. Chemo and radiation don't seem to be affecting him too bad. Just a little less of appetite. Now the possible reoccurrence of the osteosarcoma is another beast. Preparing for possible full amputation of his left leg. He list his femur and hip back in 2004 and had a prosthetic in plant to take it's place. Not sure if it's possible to keep his leg since it's already mostly metal. He is Young and strong and hopefully will push thru all of this. He is a fighter so I look for him to continue doing what it takes to get better. Thanks for all the info. I will start digging in.

May 18, 2019 · Astrocytoma and reoccurring Osteosarcoma in Cancer

My 21 yr old son was diagnosed with 2 astrocytoms in Feb. He immediately had surgery to remove one and the other is in the center of his head and in operable. He is currently doing chemo and Proton therapy radiation at Emory University in Atlanta. We just found another tumor at at the base of his knee, same site as his Osteosarcoma from 2004. We see orthopedic surgeon on Monday. How rare is it to have both cancers at o e time? And should we seek advice from Mayo or can they also consult with Emory University? He is 21 and his whole life ahead of him. I need help!