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Sun, Sep 29 11:08am · Stem Cells / Regeneration and Lung Disease in Lung Health

It's a scam, cost $10,000.00 and not covered by insurance. No refunds.

Mon, Sep 23 8:48am · What is ground glass on a lung CT scan? in Lung Health

I'm working with Dr. Bussy at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. He has done more than 15 here and has done over 50 overseas. I really like him.

Sat, Sep 21 7:15am · What is ground glass on a lung CT scan? in Lung Health

Doctors not sure what the nodule was, just glad it's not cancer. They will do another CT scan to check in a few months before the Zephyr valves bronchoscopy procedure.
The worst part of the pneumothorax was the really severe pain in the recovery room. The doctors actually did the tubes in my hospital room. The tube coming out was not too bad.
Being tied up to the chest box, both legs in the clot massagers and all the rest of the wires for vital signs and O2 was the worst thing, just couldn't move for 5 days.

Fri, Sep 20 3:08pm · What is ground glass on a lung CT scan? in Lung Health

Came here to Mayo Jacksonville in May from Oregon for lung transplant evaluation after 5 weeks was denied. My next steps were to explore LVRS surgery and/or Zephyr valves. Was evaluated 3 weeks ago, found a 7.7mm nodule in my right middle lobe on a high resolution CT scan that was not there a month ago.
Dr. Makey and Dr. Bussy wanted to do a biopsy. Dr. Bussy did the biopsy, results came back as noncancerous. Great news
Unfortunately the valves are on hold because after the biopsy I had a pneumothorax.
In the hospital for a week with a tube in the chest.
Just got out of Mayo building 3 hours ago
Can not fly home to Oregon for at least another week because of the pneumothorax. Want to start pulmonary rehab here. If I can start and complete a 12 week program I can get the valves as I do qualify but just delayed.
This place is absolutely amazing. Everyone of my extensive medical team is the best in the world. That's why I travel 2500 miles each way to be hear.

Fri, Sep 20 7:18am · What is ground glass on a lung CT scan? in Lung Health

Zephyr valves and spiration valves. Google both. I at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville getting Zephyr valves.

Fri, Sep 13 2:40am · copd end stage. in Lung Health

I have applied to join this trial at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville as l come here every month. On the surface according to the company's website I qualify.
But the great news is that my pulmonologist at Mayo is one of doctors involved with this trial.
After my bronchoscopy yesterday we had a long talk about it and will be visiting the subject during my stay in the hospital this next week as I recover from a pneumothorax.
As I learn more l will share.

Sun, Sep 1 10:14am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

Inhaling the salt is supposed to help with SOB from COPD. Doesn't do any good for me.

Sun, Sep 1 6:40am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

It is a pink Himalayan salt lamp. A large block of pink salt(crystal) with a light bulb inside it.