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4 days ago · Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@drumline7860 -I’ve had multiple post surgical CTs.
You can clearly see my Middle Turbinate resection, deviated septal change and sinus changes. Inferior turbinates actually appear to look bigger now, assuming overcompensating for increased airflow.
Constant wind tunnel sound, dryness, headaches, total disruption of smooth airflow sensation. Didn’t know what ENS was. Kept explaining all these symptoms. I do believe “ENS” or whatever name they want to coin it, is so much more than just disrupting the inferior turbinates. Airflow disruption can happen anywhere in the nasal cavity. Too much airflow, too fast also equals dryness, even in a healthy nasal cavity. I know my responses are long. I’ve just done so much research. ENTs don’t even know how the nose works.

4 days ago · Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@drumline7860-thank you for your help. Due to my inferior turbinates not being touched, I believe some of the ENTs aren’t understanding some of what I am describing as they so narrowly understand how disruption of any kind to the nasal/sinus cavity can cause all kinds of symptoms of distress regardless of what their text books taught them.
I never cared to have an exact diagnosis, i just knew something was not right immediately after. Weather or not officially “ENS”or not, there is dysfunction. I will look up the links you suggested. And I appreciate your honest support/reply.

5 days ago · Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@drumline7860 Thank you for explaining. Mine was septum/ left middle turbinate resection, apparently changed and moved just to gain access to sinus area.
Do you experience airflow dynamic issues, causing head pressure and dizziness? Have you experienced different muscular tightness, over compensating for inhalation and exhalation?

5 days ago · Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@drumline7860 -would you mind sharing your experience or type of surgery?
I’ve tried many things. Can not figure out if it’s ENS or not. The name of the syndrome is misleading as it should be post surgical nasal dysfunction. ENTs have given me mixed follow up assessments/consultations.

5 days ago · Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Anyone in this group have any new tips or advice for the pain portion or dryness?

Thu, Sep 17 9:48pm · Tinnitus and Ototoxicity from Antibiotic. Please help? in Hearing Loss

@tykehome-one more thing I forgot to add. Since you have caught this so early on, you can take steps to allow your brain to desensitize the message it is getting.
Look into Brain Neuroplasticity for tinnitus. You can take steps to retrain yourself to quiet the tinnitus. It takes work, just like regular exercise. But through diligence and focus, you can help yourself.

Thu, Sep 17 4:03pm · Reactive Hypoglycemia & Chronic Sinusitis in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@willjwise-having any type of health issue or imbalance in the body can be overwhelming. Know that you are not alone. If you are having a lot of worry around this, that can only increase your symptoms. After experiencing it, your exhaustion probably has you reach for food like that to give you a quick energy boost. If you haven’t been properly tested for bacteria, fungi in your gut then that’s a possibility to do so. But know that you can really look at your overall lifestyle, inside and out to get you feeling headed in the right direction. Be honest about everything in your system as well as your level of worry/anxiety which can wreak so much havoc on the gut/GI system. But doctors won’t talk to you about that. Even exercise and restful sleep replenish the guts good bacteria and removes toxins. I’m not saying this is a cure, but every little adjustment you can make each day can set you up to feel better.

Wed, Sep 16 8:45pm · Reactive Hypoglycemia & Chronic Sinusitis in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@willjwise Do not get discouraged. You have to get to the root cause of what is causing the inflammation. Look at every area of your life. Diet, Medications, Exercise. Don’t leave it all up to doctors. They will slap a label on you and send you off with a med. You have to do the work. Don’t get frustrated, because that is what your body will feel and hear. Be kind and gentle to yourself and put in the effort to make little changes daily.