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May 7, 2019 · Optic Neuropathy within the past 10 days in Eye Conditions

hi there! thank you for your quick reply and support. I forgot to mention what he is seeing, which may help.

Out of his left eye, he is seeing a blacked out bar with blurriness underneath. above the line is clear and his right eye is clear. he is experiencing headaches due to bright lights above him or anything on the floor that is bright, like an airport terminal.

he does not have any underlying conditions and he is adopted so unfortunately we do not know the genetic history.

there was no medication or instructions given to him at all. we were basically told there was nothing that can be done and it may or may not get better. hopefully we can find out more here or through mayo because google-ing and researching is causing me major fear for eventual blindness.

thank you so much.

May 7, 2019 · Optic Neuropathy within the past 10 days in Eye Conditions

Hi all – My husband started having vision issues about 10 days ago. A week ago he went to the eye doctor who discovered a swollen optic nerve. She recommended he go to the ER that evening for a MRI which came back clear. A couple more doctor's appointments have given us very little information except that this is optic neuropathy, it's possibly genetic and that there is about 1/3 chance it will improve, 1/3 chance stay the same, 1/3 chance it will get worse. And about the same odds for the other eye. I am giving myself major anxiety and fear with google; so I am hopeful this group can be a support as we start to navigate this road. We are hopeful to get an appointment with Mayo Florida sooner than later.

Is there any additional research or statistics about the chances of the other eye being affected? Please share anything you know.

Thank you so much.