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May 8, 2019 · Post Interferon Syndrome in Infectious Diseases

The medical community and Government need to take responsibility for sweeping this problem of Hep C under the rug! The military wont even admit they caused and spread Hep C with Jet gun inoculations both thru the military and world health Organization?? Now they want us to believe people are cured with their drugs…its not true!!! The Veterans Administration are lying… need proof just write me and I will mail to you…

May 7, 2019 · Post Interferon Syndrome in Infectious Diseases

Here I am sitting down as I had trouble standing for prolonged periods!!!

May 7, 2019 · Post Interferon Syndrome in Infectious Diseases

I went thru Interferon and ribovirin poisioning with a full year complement and have not been the same ever since! Mental and physical fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia,skin rashes, poor sleep and on pain medication for years just to operate on a daily basis… after exploring the facts that I was never a drug addict, homosexual, or any other blood exposure I began to investigate my life… I discovered that while I was processed thru the military they injected me with a jet gun and was exposed to hundreds of other humans blood as it was spread… shortly after was hospitalized twice with serious fever, rash, and almost died… diagnosed in 1972 with ARDS and have never been the same since that experience… the Veterans Administration denies any culpability in this process but, if it was anymore obvious a blind person can see it… I have lost faith in the medical community as they have knowledge yet they are controlled not to discuss… I now know as I took a year to investigate this and, have proof positive the US Government spread Hep C thru out the population thru faulty practices and lie and conceal the truth… need help with getting medical care from the VA without a bill associated with what they caused???